Friday, October 15, 2010

My Little Homemaker....

Recently Bennett has been helping me a bit around the house...
Working in the kitchen.
A little dusting here and there.

Helping me straighten up.
He'll even pick up his own socks- he needs to teach his daddy how to do that;0

Yep, my little homemaker.

Now before you get all excited, Bennett did not pull up to those positions entirely by himself but it took minimal assistance so he's getting there!


  1. Ha, cuteness! Just wait until he can pull up by himself then he's really going to be a big helper! Sounds like that's going to be very soon ;)

  2. Cute post. Does Bennett love to pull out wipes? Max would empty every package of wipes all over the house if I let him!

  3. so stinkin cute!!! Parker loves to "clean up" HA-HA, looks like a tornado when he's done, but he's just like the rest of the kids, total mess makers!! Hope all is well, I am WAY behind on reading blogs! XO

  4. Bennett is so cute dusting. It's amazing how much fun wipes can be! :-)

  5. I like how in the background of his dusting picture you see his sister just layin' on the couch. teehee


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