Friday, January 10, 2014

A little update of sorts

Wow, I have neglected my blog once again!!  But I thought I'd catch you up in pics since my last post...Halloween!  Geez!  Here we go...

Harper finally lost her top tooth! 
Thanksgiving was fun!  Bennett enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa and seeing other relatives he hasn't seen in a while!

The girls are enjoying cheer/tumble class and did a cute performance for Christmas!  

 Ainsley turned 9 on December 20th!!

We had her party at the tumble gym with about 18 of her closest friends;)

Harper had a blast at big sister's party!

Christmas came!

No tears this year on Santa's lap!

Cutest little Santa I know! 

 Handsome fella!

Snow inside church on Christmas Eve!

 Cousins came to visit for Christmas!

Christmas morning!

New Years Eve Bennett had a cardiologist appt. and everything looked great!  Awesome way to start off the new year!! 

2014-Carolina Panthers are in the playoffs!!   

Harper lost the other top tooth!

The girls are tracked out of school now for a few weeks (year round school) and we're doing our best to enjoy the crazy weather around here!  One day it's 20 degrees and a few days later it's 70.   Bring on spring!!

I'll have to give a little update about Bennett in a later post because he's progressed sooo much in the last 6 months!  Little man will be 5 in May!!