Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Littlest Things....

It truly is the little things that seem so big...that ARE so big. Ask any mom that has a child with special needs and she'll tell you that. Small milestones for most kids are HUGE for kids like Bennett! Check him out...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So Much Going On!

So it's been a while. But a little over 2 weeks ago we got the call that we've been waiting for to proceed forward with our move down south. It was a complete whirl wind because my ultimate goal (or actually goals) was to find a house, put a contract on a house and get Ainsley settled in school since it had already started. As many of you know, I'm not very flexible so I was pretty much determined to make this all happen. And by the grace of God, it did!

But things didn't come easily. We indeed found a wonderful house, registered Ainsley for school and Ainsley started school but things things got a tad stressful. Our first week in our new town went something like this (mind you, we don't actually live in our new house, we are living in a hotel, mmm hmm, all 5 of us)...

Ainsley got sick her second day of school (of course this event involved tons of drama), an earthquake occurred (ya know, just to spice things up a bit), Ainsley missed 2 more days of school, Harper then got sick, we ran away from a hurricane, Bennett then got sick


to end our terrible week,we went to an amusement park;)

We are back in our temporary home, our lovely hotel and we're ready for a better week. Harper will start preschool next week and both girls will start dance. I should be meeting with a service coordinator soon to set up therapies for Bennett. We're all healthy again and counting the days until we move in: 33 days people, 33 days.

Well here are a few pics of our eventful week (sorry for the poor picture quality)...

Our new house!

Ainsley's first day of 1st grade! (She loves it btw and is making friends=happy mom)

2 sick kids and one on his way to being sick;(
I know you all wish you could be me in this awesome hotel room with 3 kids;0

Look who is standing up all by himself! Bennett started doing this 2 weeks ago out of the blue and I'll have to share video of it soon. We are so very proud of him and we're thinking that first step is just around the corner but as with everything when it comes to Bennett, he does it when he's ready. No one can make Bennett do anything and when he's good and ready, he'll take a step and I'll be shouting it from the rooftop...whether it's the roof of the hotel or the roof of our house-lol!

Anyways, that's where we've been for the last 2 weeks and since I don't have to clean a house and I've got a maid making our beds every day, I may possibly have more time to blog;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"How sweet it is"...

.too be loved by you!

Happy 11th Anniversary babe!!

15 years ago we met in college and I had a strange feeling you'd be the one.

August 13, 2000-best wedding ever;)

-I close my eyes at night
Wondering where would I be without you in my life
Everything I did was just a bore
Everywhere I went it seems I'd been there before
But you brighten up for me all of my days
With a love so sweet in so many ways

I want to stop and thank you baby
I just want to stop and thank you baby

How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you

We've been through a lot in our 15 years together but I'm pretty sure you were made for me and I was made for you;)

I love you Michael!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unfortunately, if you let me....

...I could probably find something to complain about...I know, not good and I'm sure the family members that know me best are thinking: Adrienne, complain? NOOO.


Well we've got a lot going on right now and not just in our little family. I've been trying really hard to give things over to God because I know there is absolutely no way I can figure it all out.

And like the good Christian store that it is, Hobby Lobby has a way of bringing God's word into decor;) {Subway art is my latest obsession}. I ♥ those 3 in the background by the way.

Oh and this little boy has a way of making things better too. He's like an instant pick-me-up;) I mean how can you not just smile a little bit?
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's been 2 years....

... since this little boy had his heart repaired. August 6th, 2009.

Let's just say heart surgery is something that often comes with the territory when speaking of Down syndrome. But it's never easy to hand over your tiny child, hoping and praying he'll be okay when you see him again.

Our boy may have a 5 inch scar going down his chest but he is a healthy, happy 2 year old.

We are so very thankful for the wonderful people at CHOP that took care of him.

And we will forever be thankful to the Lord for giving Bennett to us and for answering our prayers.

Happy Heart Day precious boy! Our hearts overflow with love for you!!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Many Women In Bennett's Life....

Bennett sees several wonderful ladies every single week! They are his therapists. Therapy is a HUGE part of having a child with special needs. Almost every week day Bennett is with them and some of them have had him since he was a tiny, little baby. We have been so very fortunate with the services we receive here in PA and will be so terribly sad to say goodbye to these women who have shown so much love for Bennett. I wish I could have gotten pictures of each and every one of them with Bennett but you know how it goes with a toddler.

Working with his physical therapist, Gail.

Gail is awesome!! From the very moment she laid eyes on Bennett she told him he was amazing. And she said it all the time-"Bennett, you're amaaazing!" She met him when he had just turned one and he wasn't crawling yet. But every little thing he did, every milestone he hit she always told him how amazing he was, always such positive affirmation about the little person he was. We love Gail and wish we could take her down to NC with us!

That there is quite possibly the smallest piece of walking equipment on earth;)

Working with play doh with his occupational therapist, Sue. They're both saying "Roll!" here.

Sue has been with Bennett the longest. His very first therapist. She came into our home when he was just 4 weeks old. He still needed heart surgery and was so sleepy all of the time. I had never had any experience with a therapist and Down syndrome was all very new to me. I wasn't sure how it all worked and was so overwhelmed with the thought of early intervention. But Sue made it seem so normal, she made me realize it was going to be okay.

For over 2 years Sue has come into our home, worked with Bennett, loved on Bennett, talked to the girls and listened to me when I needed an ear. I could tell Sue truly loved spending time with Bennett and he loved spending time with her. Again, if I could stuff her in my suitcase, I would.

Giving hugs goodbye.

We will miss you Sue!!!

Of course there are others like Renee-LOVE Renee! She is Bennett's developmental/speech therapist and always has the best suggestions for games and things to work on. Bennett loved listening to her sing songs. Renee has had Bennett since he was six months old and due to her father's sudden illness, I was not able to get a picture with them together but if we're able to see her again before we go, I will;)

Bennett also had several private therapists that have been working with him for almost the last year. Tracy was his PT, Amy his OT and Michelle his Speech/feeding therapist. All were wonderful and treated Bennett so sweetly. They put up with his fits when he was "all done!" and gladly accepted his kisses when he was in a better mood.

I really can't believe how blessed we were to have such awesome therapists. Six women who saw Bennett every single week, some in our home and some in a clinic setting. All worked extremely hard and all made me feel like my son was loved and cared for. We just can't thank them enough.

Moving on will be hard but new therapists will come into Bennett's life and I can only hope and pray that they are as wonderful as these ladies were.

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