Monday, November 16, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Just came back from an amazing conference, hearing so many stories of people deciding to make a change in their health and the transformations that took place were so much more than physical ones!

Wanted to share this story from a woman named Stephanie...

Stephanie was spent. She was a full-time mom working a 9-to-5 job. She had no energy to get her through her busy days at the office much less be there for her family and children at the end of the day. Her hectic schedule and poor diet left Stephanie, at 5’4”, weighing in at 269 pounds.
As many people do, she couldn’t help but notice her friend, posting on Facebook about how amazing she felt. Stephanie admits she would simply roll her eyes and think “what does this skinny girl know about my struggles?”

“I thought I wasn’t worthy, or it wasn’t in my genetic makeup to look and feel good,” Stephanie remembers. “Once I decided I do deserve it—the moment I gave myself permission—my life completely changed.” -that was in July 2014.

For this busy mom, the convenience factor of the 30-Day System was huge. Grabbing a shake on the go simplified her busy routine, and eating nutritiously soon became second nature.
“I wasn’t perfect,” says Stephanie. “I fell, but I stood up, dusted myself off, and started again until it became easy and wasn’t even a second thought.”
Today, Stephanie is a proud member of the 100-Pound Club. Since going from a size 22 to a size 8, Stephanie delightedly sports her favorite Seven7 jeans. Yet, she knows the most important change is the difference it has made for her family. This dedicated mother has the right knowledge to pass on to her children, teaching them how to properly care for their bodies. Plus, after nearly nine years of marriage, she and her husband have become even closer.
"We’re doing these things together. We’re building the business together, and we’re working out together,” she says. “It’s been an incredible journey, and it’s just the beginning.”

If this story relates to you in any way, I would love to help!  This is nutrition for everyone whether you have no weight to lose or 100 pounds to lose!
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