Friday, May 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never...

I've been wanting to get some "2 year" pics of Bennett but let's just say it's been a tad hectic around here. So I finally had a chance today and since it's Memorial Day weekend, we went with patriotic colors....

Bennett's 2 Year Stats:

Weight: 23.8
Height: 32 inches
{Bennett is little, needless to say;)}

He's crawling on all fours, pulling to stand and cruising. No walking yet but will walk with push toys as well as while holding your hands but only on his terms;). Sometimes this bothers me that he hasn't taken his first steps and other times I could care less. Right now I'm in a care less mood. He is getting orthotics in a few weeks, like most kiddos with DS and maybe this will help.

Bennett has about 15 signs and can say about 8 words. He consistently says "daddy", "ball", "up", "mama".

Bennett can point to his nose, toes, belly, head, hair, fingers, feet and eyes when asked to.

His favorite food is yogurt.

His favorite drink is milk or his yogurt drink.

His favorite show on tv is Fresh Beat Band-obsessed with it.

His favorite song is "Firework" by Katy Perry-LOVES IT.

Bennett loves taking baths, playing with his drums and watching his sisters dance and sing.

We're working on identifying picture cards as well as matching object to pictures and he's doing quite well. We're also working on simple, big picture puzzles which helps with his matching as well.

His yearly evaluation is coming up and I'm really not stressing over it. I know what he does and doesn't do and I know what we need to work on. He'll get there in his own time.

Love ya Bennett!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bennett and His Cake....

So I didn't do anything fancy this year for Bennett. I kind of do the "every other year" thing when they're really young. But of course we got him presents and a cake.

Now, my hopes where not high that he'd actually touch or eat much of his cake. I decided to go with an ice cream one because he likes ice cream and I really wanted him to at least try some of his own birthday cake!

Yep, right from the get go this kid was not liking it-lol!

C'mon Bennett, blow out your candles!

{We blow bubbles with him a lot and he tries really hard to blow them so I thought maybe he'd try with his candles...yeah, forget about it!}

So then I cut him a piece and plopped it right down on his tray-just wanted to see what he'd do...

He immediately tried to pick it up to fling it to the floor but then realized his hands were covered in blue icing and then he got mad about that and rubbed some on his face!

Let's just say he was MAD! He's was furious at all the icing {just some slight sensory issues here;)} He wanted me to hold him but I can't keep babying him...he's two now! Are you proud of me mom??;)

The thumb always makes it better. So after he calmed down I offered him some actual ice cream cake...

Are you kidding me mom??!!

He actually ended up eating a good bit after he realized he liked it. I really feel like that is a huge barrier- I know he'd eat more things if he'd just give them a try but he's so consumed with spitting them out due to the texture or lumps-agh!!

Okay, so I knew he was hungry and I gave him his sippy of milk but instead of holding his cup like he normally does, he refused to use his icing covered hands {I didn't wipe him up because I want him to learn that it's okay to be messy with food}....

Yeah, slightly ticked at you mom and I'm going to show you that by not holding my sippy!

He drank all 8 ounces like that so whatever!

The night did end on a good note though. Bennett is quick to forgive....

So this summer you'll find Bennett and I in the grass, covered in messy food because this kid has got to get over this food thing!!! {did ya get that I said we'll be in the grass??- you're crazy if you think I'm going to allow that mess in my house!...just kidding...kinda;)}

Next year Bennett, next year will be the year you eat your cake, okay?

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, would ya look who's 2?!!


How did my little baby boy go from this sleeping little angel.... this sweetheart of a toddler ?!...

{he's still an absolute angel btw}

I know, every mom asks this question but it's just so hard to believe my boy is a 2 year old now!

Sweet Bennett, two years with you has flown by and I enjoy spending every single day with you!!

You are smart, stubborn {hmm, seems to run in the family;)}, sweet as can be, cuddly, curious and every day I think you're more handsome than the day before.

We just adore you and are so very thankful that God put you, perfect little you, in our family. You're just the right fit! Mommy pretty much can't get enough of you!!

Mommy and daddy are so very proud of every little thing you do and we love to share it with the whole wide world!

My very favorite bible verse for my very favorite little boy:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things...

It's hard getting back into our crazy routine when we've been out of it for a week.

Back to our millions of therapies, drop offs and pick ups for school and preschool, keeping the house clean, laundry, not to mention we've been waiting for an answer for something for what seems like forever now, getting ready for Harper's birthday party and getting myself ready to accept that my little boy will be 2 on Sunday!!

On top of all that, I still miss my dad. And I worry about my mom being alone. My life hasn't changed much but hers has...drastically and that makes me sad for her.

But I do have to share that I've had wonderful friends that have sent cards, flowers and have brought yummy dinners-just too sweet. I can't thank them enough.

To keep myself busy though, as if I'm not busy enough just taking care of the kids, I've thrown myself into projects. {My sewing has taken a back seat because, well, quite frankly I was getting burnt out on it. I've still got a few orders that I'm filling but I've drastically cut back since my dad got pretty sick.}

Now for the I'm pretty much crazy. I think I have about 4 going right now and when I get a little tired of one because I can't seem to quite finish it, I start another. And while I'm doing the other, I'll walk by and see the first one I was working on and want to start back on that one! Ahh!

  • Today I've been organizing and switching things up in the play room. Total nightmare but I have a grand plan and it shouldn't be a big deal.
  • I've also been dabbling on my dining room project where I'm painting frames and making pillows.
  • Outside I'm planning on a fun spruce up of the patio/gazebo area.
  • And then there's Bennett's I said, I'm crazy.
None of this involves tons of money, just lots of thinking/planning/internet searching on my part and then the actual work. Of course throw in "Mommy will you play barbies with me?", Bennett shutting himself in the bathroom several times a day, and Harper falling into something and needing me to kiss it and sit with her for a bit. But that's just part of being a mom.

Here's an idea I'm playing with outside on the patio area:

Just dabbling but I'm liking the striped curtains that were seriously only $6 for 2 panels!

Anyways, I haven't been the best blogger lately but I'm around and looking forward to sharing some hopefully cute birthday pics of Bennett on his big day-if it will ever stop raining! No party this year {I've out done myself with Harper's} but that was my original plan anyway. We'll see if we can get him to take a bite of his cake...highly doubt it but maybe he'll surprise us;)

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


....They sure do have a way of making a very sad time, seem like a happy time.

But first I want to thank all of you who left such nice comments and for your prayers for our family. We could feel the love and appreciated all the sweet words.

I wasn't sure how the kids would do during my dad's funeral. Should I bring them? I asked myself. What if they start to act up? We talked a lot about being very quiet and respectful during Granddaddy's funeral. I really wanted my girls to go because I felt it was important for them to have some type of closure. We also had them attend my dad's military memorial because again, I wanted them to have the closure and felt it was important for them to watch the 21 gun salute and to somehow be proud of their granddaddy.

But before all of the services, we had mother's day to celebrate and it was such a peaceful and fun mother's day. We went to the local berry farm and picked strawberries, fed goats and the moms received free ice cream's a big deal in my mom's small town to come here for mother's day.

Bennett knows how to pose for the camera!

Loving on the ones that made me a mommy.

As far as the funeral went, I couldn't have been more proud of my kids and my sister's boys. Dad would have been proud too. They sat almost completely silent while the pastor as well as many others talked about my dad. During the military salute they sat in awe of the soldiers and watched them march and carefully fold the American flag that covered my dad's casket. When the loud guns went off, Bennett gave his pouty lip {naturally} and Harper of course asked "why did they shoot those guns?". The weather couldn't have been more perfect and everything about all of the services was beautiful. I'm so glad my kids were there to see it all.

Now, I will add that later, as we were saying good bye to those that came, a friend of my parents asked who our kids were and as I pointed and said "and this is my other daughter Harper", she had her dress pulled up to her arm pits, showing everyone that may have been looking, her underwear! She was hot and what else do you do when you're 4 and you need to get some air? It wasn't too funny when I saw it but thinking back now, I know my dad would have just laughed.

After things calmed down and all of the ceremonies were done, the kids found ways to keep themselves busy...
They made up their own band-Harper was the drummer and Ainsley played the guitar.We went to the beach and let the girls release some energy after behaving so nicely for two days. They didn't have bathing suits but we let them get wet and sandy anyway.

Bennett enjoyed playing with the shovels and buckets

and walking with my mom {Grammy} down the beach.

He became very tired and started signing "night-night" here. This is actually the sign for "bed" but I taught him to use it for "night-night" or "tired" because I think it's cute;)

Btw, my new fashion accessory is a fedora. I love them and can't get enough of them! I currently have 3 of them.

Bennett has an unusual way of getting around now....
I guess you could call it the bear crawl and he's quite efficient at it.

Yep, this face turned a lot of sad faces into happy ones. My dad just loved to see Bennett smile really big. He was so proud of him and I so wished he would have been able to watch Bennett grow and hit huge milestones. But even though he won't see Bennett do those things here, he will still be watching him and cheering him right along up in heaven.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forever In Our Hearts....

My dad went to be with the Lord last night. I cannot tell you how hard he fought this ugly disease. I was thinking about when I last saw him, just a couple of days ago and before I left I wanted to see him walk. That was the goal-to get him up and walking so he could be strong enough to endure one last try at a treatment. At this time I had no idea he was so close to passing. The nurses came in and helped him and I saw how hard it was for him to only walk a few steps and then he needed to turn back around to sit.

I thought to myself look how weak he is, my poor dad, I wish he could have walked longer. But now I think back and realize my dad was so close to death and yet he still wanted to walk.

He wasn't weak at all, he was so so strong.

Most would have just stayed there in their bed in the kind of pain he was in but he wanted so badly to show us that he wanted to get better. He wanted to show us he still had strength. Incredible strength.

I cannot express the love I had for my dad. He treated me, my sister and my mom like queens. He was always loving, funny, gentle and kind. Not one bad memory can come to mind. To not have him in my life is going to be so terribly hard. So many wonderful memories, I just don't know how to go on. But I will. We all will. I'm just thankful that melanoma doesn't have a hold of him anymore. He is free from pain, free from discouragement that he faced for a year. He is well now and with his savior.

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. Our family is hurting now but not because dad is hurting, because our hearts will miss him so.

Robert James Cross
February 24, 1945-May 3, 2011
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Monday, May 2, 2011

4 Years Ago Today...

Our Harper Elise was born!!

From the get go we knew she was going to be....Yet as she's grown we've come to see that she can be quite....
{but only when the situation isn't familiar}

She's a girl that knows what she wants though and is very determined. Or in other words....

But I think she'll go far with that stubborn attitude because under all of that, she's an absolute....
Harper Elise you are loved!

We adore the feisty, shy, stubborn, sweetheart that you've become!

We also happen to think you're quite....

Both inside and out.

We love you "Dooga"!