Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bennett and His Cake....

So I didn't do anything fancy this year for Bennett. I kind of do the "every other year" thing when they're really young. But of course we got him presents and a cake.

Now, my hopes where not high that he'd actually touch or eat much of his cake. I decided to go with an ice cream one because he likes ice cream and I really wanted him to at least try some of his own birthday cake!

Yep, right from the get go this kid was not liking it-lol!

C'mon Bennett, blow out your candles!

{We blow bubbles with him a lot and he tries really hard to blow them so I thought maybe he'd try with his candles...yeah, forget about it!}

So then I cut him a piece and plopped it right down on his tray-just wanted to see what he'd do...

He immediately tried to pick it up to fling it to the floor but then realized his hands were covered in blue icing and then he got mad about that and rubbed some on his face!

Let's just say he was MAD! He's was furious at all the icing {just some slight sensory issues here;)} He wanted me to hold him but I can't keep babying him...he's two now! Are you proud of me mom??;)

The thumb always makes it better. So after he calmed down I offered him some actual ice cream cake...

Are you kidding me mom??!!

He actually ended up eating a good bit after he realized he liked it. I really feel like that is a huge barrier- I know he'd eat more things if he'd just give them a try but he's so consumed with spitting them out due to the texture or lumps-agh!!

Okay, so I knew he was hungry and I gave him his sippy of milk but instead of holding his cup like he normally does, he refused to use his icing covered hands {I didn't wipe him up because I want him to learn that it's okay to be messy with food}....

Yeah, slightly ticked at you mom and I'm going to show you that by not holding my sippy!

He drank all 8 ounces like that so whatever!

The night did end on a good note though. Bennett is quick to forgive....

So this summer you'll find Bennett and I in the grass, covered in messy food because this kid has got to get over this food thing!!! {did ya get that I said we'll be in the grass??- you're crazy if you think I'm going to allow that mess in my house!...just kidding...kinda;)}

Next year Bennett, next year will be the year you eat your cake, okay?

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  1. He has to be the cutest little boy ever!!! I'm sure it was very hard to leave him in that chair when he is looking at you with those big brown eyes and that thumb in his mouth. Happy eating Bennett!!!

  2. aw poor bennett, she made you try that nasty cake and left you messy? (Sorry kiddo, this momma would have probably done the same thing) I think you and Mr william would get along great once he gets his mind set on not doing something he wont do it either :) I'm glad to see you perked up and had some sweet smile for Mommy by the end of the night.
    {{hugs}} precious two year old

  3. Look at that cute messy face! I have to say I love the "no hands" drinking, made me laugh...silly boy! Here's hoping next year there's cake everywhere!!!

  4. This really made me giggle! He and Jack have some of the same little "I'm mad at you mom, and I'm going to make sure you know!" actions. Too cute, and happy birthday, big boy Bennett!

  5. So cute. Love that he wouldn't touch the sippy! I won't give Max his own fork or spoon yet either. I know it's all going to end up on the floor. Great idea about feeding outside - if summer ever gets here! :)

  6. Hey, that's progress compared to last year :-) He's so adorable, love these pictures!

  7. These photos are adorable even though he was upset. Not one of my children has done the cake smash but maybe with the next one ;)

  8. So cute even though upset. Happy Birthday Bennett !!! The pics are great.

  9. He is just so beautiful! What a doll! I love the "I'm going to drink it with no hands so there" look!! Thanks for the smile!!

  10. haha, how cute! He sure does looked ticked about all that icing! Happy Birthday Bennett!!

  11. Rachel will be eight in October and she still does not eat her cake. So, you are not alone. I cannot believe that your little man is two!! He was about six months old when I first started reading your blog! Happy Birthday Bennett!!

  12. So sweet but I say he's TWO and still working on self-comforting. Hugs and holding until he's developmentally nurturing dolls and trying to do his own clothes shoes etc.? Or when the series of temper tantrum fake cryng arrive...

    The delays impact emotional maturity too so give him an extra few months. We are starting that now at 2 3/4 years.

    But I'm not a cry it out person anyway, but a you can't spoil a baby one! Opposite of most. It's just a thought and any choice is right, you are not leaving him to cope on his own. You are right there for him anyway.

  13. heart is melting while I laugh:) Next year for sure!!!


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