Wednesday, July 31, 2013


pleated poppy

During the week it's usually a bathing suit or workout clothes in the summer but I get dressed occasionally and remember to take a pic;)….

Dress:  Spool No. 72
Necklace:  Amour Boutique
Earrings:  Target
Shoes:  H&M

Date Night!
 Dress:  Vestique
Necklace:  Etsy
Shoes:  Target

Top:  Target
Pants:  H&M
Necklace:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Target

And I'm excited to be sporting some of these cute fabrics soon-more scarves!  Email me if you'd like your own! (  These are perfect for making an otherwise plain outfit (or for one of those days when you're running out the door and have zero time to spend in your closet) look really cute!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is it football season yet??

Well no but it will be very soon!  So I thought I'd share my "gameday scarves" with you….

Penn State

University of Kansas

Obviously many of the scarves could go with other teams not listed.  The scarves are $22 and $3 for shipping up to two scarves.  These slip over your head but don't wrap, they are shorter and are the perfect length as soon as you put it on, no fuss!  

Here's an example of how they look on a human;)...

If you'd like to order one please email me (  If there are colors for your team you're looking for, just ask and I can see what I can come up with.  I accept paypal for payment.  Oh and these make really cute gifts too! 

You can never have too many scarves!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bennett Reading!

So I posted a short clip on facebook of Bennett reading.  I wanted to share a slightly extended version to show the progression of matching words, names to pictures etc.  I am so pleased with how it's going and even more thrilled that Bennett actually LOVES doing this!  He loves his "matching" as he calls it.

In the last few days I've added short sentences like "My name is Bennett" "I am 4"(I know, should have used "four" but I'm also trying to see if he recognizes numbers too).  He has picked this up within a day, recognizing these sight words with no problem.

The book I've been using was recommended by a my friend Ria (Ria is sooo good with stuff like this and her Matthew is doing fantastic because of it).  Here's the book….

As Ria recommended I went straight to chapter 8 and it's working!

Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

So here's the thing, (why this is so exciting to us)  you're told your baby has Down think the worst.  Trust me, you do at first.  So to see your child with Down syndrome start to read at the age of 4 is pretty darn exciting.  It just is.  It shows us that he can indeed learn (because when you get that diagnosis you pretty much feel like your child will never learn because you're in shock and that's all you can think about-my child will do nothing).  

And then to see him get excited about learning, well that's just the icing on the cake for me.  Bennett loves praise and loves getting "high fives" and "good job!".  I love that about him!

I hope this continues and I hope by the time he's ready for kindergarten he's reading right along with his peers.

Do I work harder in terms of education with Bennett than I did with my girls?  Yes.  And I always will have to.  But that's just how it is and I'm okay with that.  

Everything is going to be harder with him but I've always believed hard work pays off… 

We're so proud of you Bennett!!    

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


pleated poppy
It's been a while!  These are from last month but things have been crazy around here...

Dress:  Modern Vintage Boutique
Purse:  Marshalls
Necklace:  Vestique
(ignore the ugly name tag!)

Dress:  H&M -last year

Necklace:  Vestique
Tank:  Target
Shorts:  Walker boutique-love these fun shorts!  
Shoes:  Target