Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diva Alert!

When the weather's like this...
and mommy's busy finishing up sewing orders...
little divas do what they know mommy's closet and jewelry box!
All dressed up and ready to go!
See ya later divas! Be careful in those 3" heels!

Monday, February 22, 2010

9 Months!

9 months seems like a big milestone for some reason and here we are! I haven't taken him in for his 9 month check up but Bennett is a solid 18.7 pounds and I say solid because I think he's a tad bit shorter than the average (I really have no idea yet but it seems that way) and he's really compact-lol. Anyways, he's doing great if you asked me, yes things go at a slower pace with him but it's okay because with a third child, life seems to fly by any way so it's nice to see that Bennett's babyhood isn't flashing before my eyes!

At 9 months Bennett takes three 8 ounce bottles and takes solids about 2 times a day. I've introduced the gerber puffs and he really likes working on picking them up but not too crazy about them when he brings them to his mouth. I've also started introducing lumpier foods like potatoes and mashed bananas in his oatmeal but he's not too crazy about that either, we'll keep at it.

Here's some more of what he's been up to...

Well, other than being his cute self:)
He's got a yucky cold right now and any time he gets sick his one eye that gave me tear duct woes when he was real little, always acts out and gets all goopy again, but he's trying to be a good sport about it;)

Bennett loves these blocks and gets very excited when they're taken out of the toy basket.
He's working on taking a sippy cup, I ordered the Honey Bear Cup but it has yet to arrive. Bennett's not a big fan of holding his bottle (Ainsley wasn't either) so we're working on it and hoping that he'll just move onto a sippy- wish they made handles for the honey bear cup! For those that don't know, the honey bear cup is a straw cup and supposedly it is better for kids with Down syndrome or any child for that matter because it works their facial muscles more (having to suck the liquid through the straw) and may help with speech down the line. You can also squeeze the liquid up to help the child learn to suck unlike some of the straw sippy cups that are out there.
We're also working on getting on all fours, as you can imagine this takes a lot of strength and for a baby with lower tone it's even harder, so we'll get there.
Here he is with the front end up-now we just need to get both ends up at the same time!
Bennett also loves to look at his picture book and he's particularly fond of this page: Ainsley! He just adores Ainsley!

And when he's all tuckered out from his hard work, he really loves to just suck his little thumb.
He also appreciates a good cuddle and we have no problem helping him out with that:)

Happy 9 months Bub!! We love you so very much!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Snippets Of Life With Bennett...

Well it's been a while since I posted some videos of Mr. Bennett (almost 9 months!) so these are very short- all together they are 2 minutes. Just little snippets of life with Bennett...

In this one Bennett is attempting "So Big", with one arm ,(he's getting better at it every day!)...

In this one he's just a slobbery, talking, happy little boy...

And in this one he's sitting up with his sister who got a hold of him and put a silly hat on him but then he gets a little bit upset, yes, Bennett does get mad {occasionally}:)...

Just can't get enough of him!

Monday, February 15, 2010

In Case You Didn't "Hear"...

I'm officially open for business!

Click on the button below to get to my Etsy shop:

Adding things almost every day so check back there frequently! Just got my first order yesterday-whoo-hoo!:)

I also do custom orders (to an extent) and you can find that on my shop as well!

Alright, alright I know I said I wouldn't post much about Lil' Sis on this blog but I had to tell you my shop was open!:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Blog!

Just wanted to let you know, for those of you that aren't on facebook, I've created a new blog for Lil' Sis Designs to update any new items that I add to my Etsy shop. I won't be posting much about Lil' Sis Designs on this blog as this is our family blog so be sure to stop by there or become a follower so you don't miss anything! Just click on the button to go to my new blog:

For those that haven't been following along on the Lil' Sis Designs blog here's a peek of some of the clothes that will be available in just a few days:

So again, I'll let you know when items are available for purchase!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Normal Life

This weekend did not go as planned. Ainsley and I were supposed to go to New York City to the American Girl Doll store for a birthday party but the weather did not want to cooperate. So instead, we went outside and had a normal day...

We shoveled...

...and shoveled.

Every time I looked, Harper was making a snow angel, anywhere and everywhere.

And then we sat and took in the cold air.

We watched the FedEx guy speed down the street and we're impressed he was out and about.

We had fits.

Then we pulled ourselves together and looked for the perfect spot to sled.

And we laughed all the way down.

And then we sat and took in the cold air again.

Bennett slept peacefully through it all.

Can't wait until he can join us, maybe next year.

It was just another day in our normal life. Funny how last year at this time I thought our lives would be anything but normal, due to a certain little someone with an extra chromosome, we had yet to meet. For a short time there, I didn't know if we would laugh again.

Silly me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

With Your Encouragement...

I've decided to open up an Etsy shop! Many of you here and on Facebook showed interest in the kids clothes I've been sewing and suggested I sell them on Etsy so I thought, why not? I stay at home so I have the time (sort of;)) and I'm really enjoying making the kids cute outfits so why not make them for other kids too?!

I absolutely love fun and different clothes for my girls but most of all I think I'm having fun picking out the different fabric combinations! They are only little girls for just a few years and before I know it they'll be wanting to pick out their own things (gasp!) so I'm taking advantage of it now!

So I'm hoping in the next week or so I will be ready to "open shop", just need to work on pricing, sizing and of course adding more items to my shop. I hope to eventually have about 10-12 different items to choose from for girls and don't think I'm leaving the boys out entirely, I will be making some cute items for baby/toddler boys so there's a little something for {almost} everyone!

The girl items will include:
  • Pants/capris
  • Skirts
  • Dresses along with matching doll dress
  • Applique shirts
  • Bow tanks
  • Birthday outfits
  • Baby and little girl bloomers
  • Baby bubble outfits
  • hoping to add shorts closer to the summer
Here's some of the yummy, yes YUMMY! fabric I'll be using...

Oh, how I love picking out fabric!!

I'm also including boutique bows to match the outfits! I learned how to make them recently and if you've been following my blog long enough or if you know me well, Ainsley and Harper are rarely without their bows. Ainsley practically came out with one on her head (the NICU nurses started it so it's all their fault:)) and Harper had one in as soon as she had enough hair to hold it. These bows will either be solid color or polka dot-nothing too crazy since most of the fabrics I use have big prints.

Here's some of the bows...

The baby/toddler boy items will include:
  • Madras pants
  • Seer sucker pants (is anything cuter than a little boy in seer sucker?!)
  • Matching applique onsies/shirts
  • Birthday outfits
  • Baby bloomers
  • Eventually, custom, adorable slippers/shoes
Here's just some of the cute fabric I've got for the boys items...

I will also be taking a percentage from all orders and giving it to Down syndrome research. This is not just a temporary thing, as long as I'm selling these clothes I will donate a percentage. As you know this is near and dear to my heart so however I can help make Bennett's life as well as the many other children with Down syndrome just a little bit brighter in the future,
I'm all for it.

So thanks again for the encouragement, stay tuned and I hope to be making your children some adorable outfits real soon!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Secret Is In The Eyes

I recently came across a blog from another blog that I highly recommend you check out. Her emotions are honest, pure and raw. The specific post that I was moved by (although I'm finding that I love all of her posts) was the story of her daughter's birth. Please check it out when you get a chance.

When I saw the pictures of her beautiful daughter I immediately knew her "secret". I can spot it pretty much any time now. It brought tears to my eyes seeing her because I've grown to love those eyes. Those almond shape eyes, the eyes that I once held a grudge towards, after just finding out about Bennett.

Almost every person with Down syndrome has these almond shape eyes, in a way it's how they share their secret with the rest of the world without saying a word. I remember reading blogs before Bennett was born about how the parents thought this shape was beautiful and I didn't quite get it then. And then I met Bennett. Of course I knew Bennett's secret before he was born but as soon as I saw him for the first time, I got it.

And I was in love.

Those first days when I was just getting to know Bennett I remember thinking I love his eyes, yes they are different but different is okay, in fact it's more than okay. Having Bennett has really shown me to enjoy the differences in life. He does not look like most babies and that's perfectly okay.

Now when I look at his eyes, his perfectly almond shaped eyes, they make me smile. They are dark, chocolate brown, just like his daddy's and his sister's eyes but also because they remind me that he's just a little bit different from the rest of us but different is truly beautiful.