Monday, May 2, 2011

4 Years Ago Today...

Our Harper Elise was born!!

From the get go we knew she was going to be....Yet as she's grown we've come to see that she can be quite....
{but only when the situation isn't familiar}

She's a girl that knows what she wants though and is very determined. Or in other words....

But I think she'll go far with that stubborn attitude because under all of that, she's an absolute....
Harper Elise you are loved!

We adore the feisty, shy, stubborn, sweetheart that you've become!

We also happen to think you're quite....

Both inside and out.

We love you "Dooga"!


  1. Happy Birthday, Harper!
    I agree - You are quite beautiful!
    Hope you have a great day!!

  2. what gorgeous pictures and such brilliant colors! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Your Harper's birthday is on the same day as our anniversary. : ) Happy, Happy Day!

  4. Happy Birthday Harper! You are a doll!

  5. What beautiful photos of such a beautiful little girl!!! What a smile! I hope you all get to enjoy this fun day for you! Happy Brithday Harper!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Harper...You are adorable!


  7. Happy Birthday, Harper! You certainly are beautiful and a little bit of feistiness, stubborness and shyness sounds like a perfect combination in my opinion! Hope your day is awesome :)

  8. Happy Birthday Harper...I love her birthday outfit...pretty sure you made it :-)

  9. Happy Birthday Harper...What a beautiful girl you are! Hope you have a special day~~

  10. Happy Birthday Harper !!
    What a beautiful girl.
    Have a wonderful day & I love her name.

  11. Happy Birthday Harper! I have to take your mama's word on the feisty , shy and stubborn, but i can certainly see the BEAUTIFUL!
    Have a fun, fun, fun day!!

  12. Love this post! That last picture is GORGEOUS! New header picture, for sure. :)Happy Birthday, Harper!!!


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