Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unfortunately, if you let me....

...I could probably find something to complain about...I know, not good and I'm sure the family members that know me best are thinking: Adrienne, complain? NOOO.


Well we've got a lot going on right now and not just in our little family. I've been trying really hard to give things over to God because I know there is absolutely no way I can figure it all out.

And like the good Christian store that it is, Hobby Lobby has a way of bringing God's word into decor;) {Subway art is my latest obsession}. I ♥ those 3 in the background by the way.

Oh and this little boy has a way of making things better too. He's like an instant pick-me-up;) I mean how can you not just smile a little bit?
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  1. What a great picture of Bennett!

  2. Love both pictures but that last one really makes me smile ;)

  3. I hope you get all your moving sorted out soon, I hated that stress of everything being a mess and leaving therapists and trying to find new ones. It's a lot of work. Bennett is adorable and I love reading your blog! I hope to meet you all someday. NC is not far from TN!

  4. A friend told me that she pictures a plate full of all the things she has going on in life, imagines herself handing it to God, and praying for him to help her deal with everything on her plate.

    Who knew Hobby Lobby doubled as a Christian store! :)

  5. You just described mt daily battle with myself. Let go and let God, makes perfect sense but I have a hard time remembering. Bennett makes me smile!


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