Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's In The Eyes...

Another physical trait seen in some individuals with Down syndrome is brushfield spots. These whitish spots occur in 35-78% of newborn infants with DS. Although some suggest up to 90%. But they can occur in infants without DS too. These spots are harmless and do not effect vision as far as I know. They are also more common in people with light colored eyes.

This is Grady and he has beautiful brushfield spots, oh and he also happens to have Down syndrome. These white spots are seen in the colored part of the eye. You can visit Grady's blog here. {Thanks Erin for letting me share this pic!}

So does Bennett have brushfield spots?


This little guy has "milk chocolate", well maybe more like "dark chocolate", brown eyes, just like his daddy! I don't know that I've seen brushfield spots on darker eyes.

And perhaps the most obvious physical trait seen in almost all people with Down syndrome is the upturned, almond shaped eyes. You can see that almond shape clearly in the picture above of Bennett. The cutest thing, I think with these eyes is when he smiles really big, they squint up, real small and happiness, literally bursts from his face...

See! Can't ya just see the happiness in the air all around in this picture?!;) I could just grab the happiness with my hands!



  1. Not only can I see all the happiness around our buddy Bennett, but I can feel it too!! Just LOVE him=)

  2. Bennett is such a beauty, I can feel he IS love all around even being in Argentina lol! he is so unique. Love the pics!

  3. Yep, bursting with happiness! That photo just change my attitude for the morning. :)

  4. Bennet is such a cutie. Max doesn't have brushfield spots, but Piper and our dog do!

  5. Bennet is SO sute! Such beautiful eyes. I love his polka dot tie, did you make it?

  6. I can see the happiness around him. He is such a joy!

    P.S. We love Alayna's brushfield spots, she does have really blue eyes.

  7. Could that picture of Bennett in the tie be any cuter? um no...........


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