Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Hands...

I love this picture! {Carissa Dawn Photo}. Bennett has very small, chubby hands-which I love as well;) and this just comes along with that extra chromosome. Another common trait in people with Down syndrome is a Simian Crease 0r one solid line across the palm....
Again, people without Down syndrome can have a simian crease.

Does Bennett have this?


In fact his pediatrician was surprised that he didn't when he examined him at the hospital after he was born. So does it mean when a person has some, all or none of the physical traits of DS that they have more Down syndrome or not as much?


You either have it or you don't. Bennett has the standard and most common form of DS which means there is an extra copy of the 21st chromosome in every single cell of his body. He has some of the physical characteristics but not all. But he still has the same amount of DS that another child with all of these characteristics does. Of course there are varying levels of functioning but we won't know where Bennett falls until he's older.

A crooked pinky finger is also a small marker on an ultrasound for DS and I can't tell if Bennett has that because his tiny little pinky isn't even long enough to be crooked! LOL. I love his small features, I really do. He reminds me of a baby doll, of course when he's 4 it might not be so good if he still looks like a baby doll but we'll love him just the same if he does!;)


  1. Looks like you got some beautiful photos just from the few you posted.

  2. Love those little hands! Joel does not have a simian crease but Caleb does on one hand. I have always found that fascinating!

  3. I'm so excited to see your pictures....I can tell they are going to be amazing!!!

    I love Sutter's little chubby hands too and he also doesn't have the simian crease and he does have the crooked pinky! :)

  4. Kristen did not have it either. What she did have was the most delicate petite hands I have ever seen. She had long slender piano fingers her whole life. So beautiful.
    Such a beautiful photo of all your hands.

  5. Love the chubby fingers. Max doesn't have the crease either.

  6. Sweet, sweet hands! Lily has a simean crease on only one of her hands.

  7. Owen does have the crease on both hands and his sister has it on one also. Funny how I never even noticed hers until after we had Owen! Great pictures!!

  8. Love his chubby little hands. Alayna has the crease only on one hand.

  9. I just LOVE our kiddos "smallness"!! And those chubby little hands....oohhhh I could gobble them up!! Looking forward to the pics (I'm sure they are AMAZING)!!

    BTW, Landon does not have the simian crease either!!

  10. On Saturday, our family was at the grocery store. My middle son, Jacoby, isn't satisfied unless he can say something to every person that he sees. This can be good or bad...

    A teenage boy walked by with his mother, and Jacoby says: "Hi there". The boy turns around and stares. His mom says, "It's okay honey. Say hello." The yong man comes over, grabs Jacoby's hands and says, "Hello". The first thing I noticed was how chubby his hands were. The second thing I noticed was how sweetly he took my son's hands into his, and gave them a loving squeeze.

    In this case, my son's chattiness was a good thing. His name was Joel. He was so excited when I told him that our entire family had "J" names, too, and he would fit right in. His mom said that they just moved, and Joel was having a hard time at school. She said this was why he was hesitant to say anything. She mentioned that the exchange our family had with him probably just made his day.

    Please pray that Joel adjusts to his new school.
    The image of his hands wrapped around my son's is something that I will never forget. It was the most touching thing I have ever seen.

    I can only hope that my children will continue to reach out with open arms to every child they come across. By reading your blog, I am educating myself, and hopefully my children can learn a thing or two as well.

  11. interesting reading everyone's comments on the "crease" WIlliam just has it on one hand also, not that uncommon after all.

  12. M doesn't have the crease either. I sure do love his tiny chubby hands too! Baby hands are the sweetest.

  13. I have the crease on my left hand and I don't have DS. I work as an engineer. All the best of luck and health to your family.


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