Saturday, October 2, 2010

Being Different and "Smelling the Roses"...

Today I took Bennett to a free introductory class at the Little Gym! I had him try the "Bird" class which is for ages 10 months-18 months. I knew they'd probably run circles around him and wasn't sure how that would make me feel but I want him to see other kids doing things so that maybe it will motivate him to do the same, eventually. I also want him to be around "typical" kids because my hope is that in a few years he'll be in regular kindergarten, fully included-that's my hope. Plus he needs to be around other babies just for the social aspect!

So they told me that he would fit in well and that there were some none walkers and walkers and runners. Well, I think everyone was walking and many were running circles around him but it really didn't bother me.

I've come to realize that Bennett is Bennett and he has Down syndrome, big deal!

I do wonder what the other parents thought though. Like did they think: "Oh, that poor mom, she has a little boy with Down syndrome" or "Wow, that's great to get him in this class" or maybe they didn't think anything of it. Either way it was a good chance for us to socialize with other babies and possibly bring some awareness to Down syndrome. The teacher learned that babies with DS are super flexible-not a very good thing although it looks neat;), as well as that most don't walk too much before 2-{don't worry I didn't start spatting out DS facts it just came up when she was asking questions about him.}

So as a slightly perfectionist, impatient, fast paced mommy, I've learned so much from Bennett in these short 16 months with him that I'm not sure I'd ever learn without him.

Mainly, that he is just another boy that loves to play, do back flips and have fun with other kids. And also that

it's totally okay to be different! Really, it is!

It's okay to slow down and "smell the roses" in this fast paced culture we live in.

You notice a lot more and take in so many wonderful things when you just slow the pace down and enjoy the little things in life. Besides, the world would be dreadfully boring if we were all the same.

By the way, we signed up for the classes and will return next Saturday for more fun!


  1. GREAT post Adrienne! I completely understand what you mean! Chris and i were saying recently how it is hard for us sometimes when we are around kids Colin's age who literally run circles around him. However, Colin does cause us to slow down and be happy where he is at!

  2. Love the pic of Bennett- looking very handsome :) Once Bennett is walking, the difference is not so big. Kids just look so much more grown up when they are walking, and Luke was the same. Other kids have never noticed anything different about him.

  3. So funny! We just tried our first Little Gym class too this past Friday. We decided to put Joaquin in the Bird class too even though he is 2 1/2 years old. Since he's a new walker (only past 4 months) the teacher thought it would be a confidence booster. I actually think he should be in a Beast class but the times don't really work so we'll probably stick with this one for a little while :)! So fun!

  4. Aww! That is super. I just took AK to her first Birds class at Little Gym. Such a fun atmosphere for the little ones. I bet the other moms loved having him there. Or, at least, I would have loved it. And hoped that he and AK could be bird buddies!!
    He's so so cute!!

  5. Slow down and smell the roses is so true! Love that you tried out this class. I want to look into this for Justin!

  6. What a great idea. I wonder if there's anything like that around here. M loves going to Kindermusik (although we skipped it this semester because of the twins). But it's a great way for both of us to socialize.

  7. Cute that he is ALL of your confidence now! Your blogging and passion are AMAZING, keep it up...I talk A LOT too and find myself at times dumping too much info on particularly DS families.

    I find I need to do what you say and slow down, there is time in a class setting especially to take time for things to sink in and spread information over time versus not trying to do or say too much in a short timeframe.

    I get passionate about finding out what information someone may need. For people first learning about DS, do try to find a time and place and way to slip in the idea of using me or our local support group or other resources IF THEY KNOW SOMEONE facing a DECISION after getting test results.

    I always think later of another way to say whatever I said or what I should have added too! Oh well.

    My son at 25 months walks with my assistance so I walk him around and cheer if he does stand in open air on his own and attempt a step. But he is usually bear crawling around mostly.

    I am not bothered (yet) by his differences much in the typical weekly mommy and me class we have had three times now, but the kids in it (18 to 24 m) seem so unstable to me--LOL! BUT odds are it is because I have seen him walk.

    I am more excited to HEAR confirmed how little the kids at this age TALK. For me that is the bigger issue we will fall behind and have a longer catch up timeframe! Be sure to check out and Terry Brown on FB for her amazing work!!

  8. Love it!!!

    I remember the first time I went to a class through the parks and rec department in our city with Reid and felt the same thing....are they thinking "poor mom", or "whew, glad that's not me", or "good for them".... but as he showed off his little personality and parents made comments about him I quickly became reassured that we were doing exactly the right thing...and he LOVED it and I LOVED exposing people to Down syndrome just by being "there".

    Yay, for Saturday "Bird" classes!!!! :)

  9. Sounds like a fun class and good for you going. Bennett will learn from them and as you have already attested too they will learn from him. WIN-WIN!

  10. Sounds like Bennett enjoyed himself. I'm hoping for the same with Jacob when he starts school (to attend a regular public school). That's the plan!
    Bennett is such a cutie...

  11. it is hard to handle sometimes, when you have those thoughts and your child's differences seem to be very noticeable all of a sudden...but adrienne, you are doing a great job and are a wonderful mommy! i'm so glad to hear you had a good time and are doing this for bennett! hugs!

  12. Looks like he had a blast...I know "typical" kids that didn't walk until they were 18 months...he will do it I bet he was the cutest one there, so he had that over all those other kids!!!


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