Monday, March 9, 2009

Thankful and a small update

I did not plan to post anything today, I don't know, didn't have much to say (I thought) but I was reading one of the blogs I follow, "Kelly's Korner"-I'm sure many of you have read her blog, she has thousands of followers. Anyways, I guess she gets a lot of prayer requests sent to her or she just follows blogs that it seems like really sad things happen. Almost everyday she is asking her readers to pray for this family or that family and she has the link to the blog, so naturally I read it and I'm sitting there bawling my eyes out for these poor families. It usually has to do with a baby- either dieing, or very sick or an adoption that goes wrong or something and you're probably thinking, well why would you want to read about that? I know Mike would say that, I can hear him now, "Adrienne, why on earth do you want to read about depressing stories of sick little babies, especially when you're pregnant!??" I don't know why I read them but these people do need prayers and it does make you wonder why so many awful things happen to good people but most of these families have a strong faith in God so they handle their situations with amazing grace. And I'm sure it brings people that maybe don't have faith in God come to believe in Him.

I guess it makes me realize that even though there are times that I think -could it get any worse?- I have so much to be thankful for. Not to say things in my life won't get worse or we won't have hard times, I mean I was naive enough to think since we had the whole ordeal with Ainsley we were pretty much good in the baby department and should not expect any other traumatic experiences, kinda like, we put in our time and now we were good to go. But reading about these families and how they handle their situations really makes me see how important I think it is to have faith that God has his reasons for everything. And of course we don't understand those reasons sometimes, especially when it involves a tiny baby or innocent child, but his ways are better than ours. So if you're looking to get some inspiration or just need to get a good cry out, hop over to "Kelly's Korner" one of these days and follow one of the many links to the blogs she posts about.

I do have small update on Bennett-saw the OB today and it looks like we will shoot for May 22nd for the c-section-it will miss my sister's birthday (May 23rd) by a day but the doctor said they usually don't schedule surgeries on weekends and if we want a cardiologist to be there it's better on a week day. I will start going every 2 weeks now, until I get to 32 weeks and then he feels to be safe, we will start the non-stress tests every week until delivery. This is where they hook me up to the monitors and see how many times Bennett kicks and monitor his heart rate. But his heart sounded good today and I'm measuring on track and thankfully the lovely nurse didn't say anything about my weight this time!:) Oh, how I hate being weighed when I'm pregnant!!


  1. Hey Adrienne! So glad you stopped by my blog to meet JEB! Yes, I'm also one of those who read Kelly's blog and cry, and cry, and cry!!! But I just can't tear myself away as I pray for each of those families and ask for GOD to give them courage and endurance to go thru whatever they are dealing with.

    I also want to say that while I didn't know pre-birth that JEB had DS, there have been many days that I cry and cry over my situation and wonder why GOD chose us for this blessing. At times, I can't help but think about what might have been if he'd been normal. You know, school and his teen years and what he'd grow up to be as an adult. BUT then I stop and look at him and tell GOD just how thankful I am to have this little guy who loves me unconditionally and blessed that GOD knew I could handle taking care of him....forever! What an undertaking! What an immense responsibility to know that GOD thought Jn and I worthy enough to deal with all of these things.....not really sure why, but glad HE picked us!

    Stop and visit any time you feel the urge to ponder what's going on in your life.....and you know, your girls will be so protective of him and look out for him.

    I can't wait to meet him!! Have a wonderful evening!!!

  2. Girl, I do the same thing. My husband will come into the kitchen and I'll be sitting at the computer bawling my eyes out. He'll sigh and say, "Another blog?"

    Doesn't it feel good to have a date set?? May 22 sounds lovely. :)

  3. I too read the post on Kelly's Korner today and was so sad. I can't even imagine going through what that family is going through. So heartbreaking.

    You have such a great perspective and I wish so much that I could have been so accepting of my circumstances when I was pregnant with Joel. I wasted so much time worrying and being sad. If only I would have known the joy I would feel down the road toward my precious boy!

    In answer to your question about the scentportable that I got in the mail today I did order it from Bath and Body Works. I have had it clipped onto the diaper champ for 5 hours now and it smells great in the bathroom. It totally works (how long it will last I don't know!). The scent I got is cinnamon - they have other scents but I read that cinnamon is the strongest. We definately need a strong scent!

  4. Hi there

    Have you read Gifts- Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives. Edited by Kathryn Lynard Cohen. I think you will love it- inspirational but impossible to read with dry eyes :)

  5. Hey Adrienne. I'm guilty too...I'm always finding new blogs and click on ones that I know will rip my heart out. I just can't help it. My hubby usually catches me with moist eyes a few times a week.

    Very exciting to have a date! Sounds like Bennett will arrive a little over a month before Lucky. Matthew was born in May too - great month:)

  6. Adrienne - I'm glad Bennett is looking well. I've given you an award over on my blog - thanks for sharing your unexpected journey with us!

  7. Adrienne- I haven't commented before but I wanna say what a wonderful blessing you have having. My Eian (17 months old) has Down syndrome. You have beautiful Girls too.

  8. So glad to hear Bennett is doing well. I know you must be getting excited!

  9. I knew that Sydney had DS while I was pregnant as well. She is now 19 months and SUCH a joy. I remember my husband gave a talk in front of our church shortly after we got the news and he said that There are 1 in 800 children born with DS and God gave US one of those gifts and we are so blessed. He was right. On another note, I also am known for reading a few blogs and praying for some sweet children going through awful circumstances and illnesses. My heart just goes out to these children and their families.


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