Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Time!

So, many of you know I started selling these adorable clothes (Chez-Ami) in an "effort" to try to get free clothes through commissions, since I love clothes and dressing my girls up. Yeeeah-well it hasn't quite worked out that way. I think I've spent more than I've made! Anyone that knows me, knows I simply love clothes and yes, maybe it's bordering on an addiction and having two girls doesn't help. Whatever, I'm having fun and I've gotten much better now that I'm a stay at home mom.:) So anyways, this past week was my first week to have my parties so I thought I'd share some pictures!

My first party was at my house with some moms from Morning For Mom's- a great group I joined when we first moved here. It was a play date/party so some of the moms came and brought their kids to play. My friend Jen had her two girls, Ava and Emily, dressed in the same Chez-Ami outfits as Harper so I just had to get some pictures of that...

Here they are-don't they look cute?! Of course Harper had to be bribed with food to get her to cooperate. Notice the muffin in her hand...

Um, excuse me Ava, I'm trying to take a bite here...

Miss Emily!

The second party was at my friend Renee's house. This was an evening party- without the kids!-Well, for most of it any way..

Here's a picture of me with my friends Ginger and Renee. They have been great friends since we've moved here. I've bugged them to death about where things are and what doctor's to use, what grocery store to go to among other things. Mike works with Ginger's husband Keith and Mike stayed with them while we were in transition from N.C. Ginger and Keith introduced us to Renee and Tom. Thanks again Renee for hosting a party for me!

Ellie (Renee's daughter) with the girls

Ellie and Ainsley get along great!

My third and final party was in good old Woodbridge, VA where I grew up! The girls and I made the trip, Mike had work commitments this weekend that he could not break. My cousin-in-law Patsy, hosted the party for me! Patsy's husband Garrett (Mike's cousin) is in Iraq and has been gone for nearly 8 months now but will return in just 3 weeks!! It was so nice of Patsy to host this party for me plus, it worked out because they live fairly close to my parents so we got to visit with them as well. Here's me with Patsy!

Here's Ainsley with her cousins, Chapman and Madison! Not the best pic of Ainsley...

I also got to see an old friend of mine (we were best buds in middle school!) - Dana! Dana came down to Woodbridge for the party and we haven't seen each other in 12 years!! We got reconnected through facebook- I love facebook! She is due with her second child in July, a boy as well! I meant to get a picture with her but got busy at the end and forgot! We plan to see each other again in April so Dana, we will have to get one then!

Unfortunately, the visit with my parents was cut short due to the snow storm, that as I write this, is in full force. I'm glad I made it home before it started! It's been a very busy 3 days and I'm just glad to be able to relax a little now!


  1. I didn't know you grew up in these here parts! LOL! I grew up in McLean and am still in the area. :-)

  2. I think this is the first time I have commented on your blog, I have been a follower for a little while I enjoy reading your blog, your always so positive and uplifting which don't happen a whole lot these days it seems. I just wanted to say I absolutley love those outfits. You have to very beautiful little girls.

  3. Wow - That was a busy couple of days! It was really nice to see you too. And I'm really excited for Aria's new bathing suit to arrive. She will love it. Look forward to April! See you soon.

  4. Next time you are in Woodbridge you have to let us know. There are a few of us close by:) I have seen the Chez-Ami catalog but haven't ordered anything yet.....might have to soon!


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