Friday, March 20, 2009

He did say it!

For the record, I stayed up to watch it and he did say it but he was sort of laughing when he said it and it wasn't really loud, it went like this:
President-"I bowled a 129."
Leno- smiling and laughing, said- "oh, that's good"
President "it was like the Special Olympics or something..." and they sort of laughed it off.

Hmm, not a very smart thing to say Mr. President. I mean, why would he say that??


  1. Wow, really? How completely disappointing! Wow.

  2. How horrible of him! I swear my Obama list is getting longer by the day!

  3. OH...I linked you on my blog! Had to share this one!

  4. Arrogance really is what I get from the clip. I've never been a huge fan of him but come on, that's a HUGE mistake.

  5. I saw it on another blog. Really not cool.

  6. That's SO offensive to me. The president making fun of the Special Olympics...that's terrible. I hope an apology from him will follow.

  7. just saw this on dan drinker's blog. i can not believe he said that. how utterly disappointing. : (

  8. but is it true?

    did he really say it?

    we are all human and we all make mistakes.


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