Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Decor and More!

Alright, I'm not a huge fan of really decorating for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day or Easter. I just feel they are such short holidays if you want to call them that and I don't like to spend a lot of money to only put the stuff away the next day. I do like to decorate for seasons though. Anyways, at my mom's group this morning we made these cute little baskets (it was really for the kids to enjoy) and it only cost us $5.00 to participate so it inspired me to go to Michael's and get a few Easter/Spring decorations. Plus, Mike's parents will be here for Easter so we really did need something on the dining room table for Easter dinner decor.
I think these little birds and bunny with carrot are so cute and it's something Ainsley could have easily done, she really liked them when I showed them to her after school. The eggs are wooden and we just painted them and used sticky glue dots to stick the wings, beaks, ears and nose to the animals. The baskets were included- not bad for $5.00 and good conversation!

Here is my contribution to Easter decor- don't get me wrong, I think Easter is a very special holiday, I've just never really gotten into decorating for it. I'm more of a Fall/Christmas decorator.

While I was at Michaels I saw these cute boxes and I've been thinking of way to contain wipes for Bennett in his room. To explain- Harper has this cute pink/polka dot box with a big ribbon on it and you just put the whole Huggies plastic container in there and it sits on the changing table. It just looks cuter than having the white Huggies container- I got it at some boutique in Raleigh when we lived there and I went online and the ones on there are over $40.00! That's just too much for something so simple so I thought maybe I could put the wipes that come in the small plastic bags (the one's you can fit in a diaper bag) and stick them in this box and cut a slit so they come through like a tissue box although a wipe can't always be sticking out (dries out). I realized I had to add something so the cardboard wouldn't get soggy (thanks mom) so I added some clear packing tape around the edges where the wipes come through and so far it works pretty good. The box was only $3.99 so it's not like I wasted a bunch of money if it ends up not working quite the way I planned. I also hot glued the ribbon to make it "go" with his room a little more. Love that hot glue gun!

Here's Harper's wipe container
Another issue I'm having is finding pictures for Bennett's room. I'm not a big "theme" person when it comes to kid's and baby's rooms, I prefer to stick to color themes and object themes rather than character themes. So if Bennett had to have a theme in his room it would be the colors red, chocolate brown, green and tan and cars, trucks, bikes, trains- basically automotive I guess. So this book of card stock was on sale and I thought I could get some cheap frames, maybe paint them and put these cute patterns that go with his colors and just use them as pictures to add some more color to the walls. Another easy, inexpensive project. I must admit it's kind of fun being crafty and saving money at the same time- remember this is coming from a girl who used to just spend freely instead of trying to figure out how to do things on my own. I'm making progress!


  1. you go girl!!!! Show us pictures when you get the papers framed!!!! I'd love to see how it turns out!!

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