Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Dogs

Well, we have a little under 3 months before Bennett will arrive and I decided I'd introduce some of you who don't know, to our dogs Blitzen and Sophie. I have a feeling once Bennett gets here things are going to be crazy around our house and Blitz and Soph won't have a chance to get on the blog unless they happen to be in the background of a picture, which Sophie is pretty good at. I'll look back at pictures and there's Sophie, always squeezing herself in-it doesn't take much, she's only 6 pounds!

Blitzen is the oldest- he will be 9 in September and was given to me by Mike as a Christmas gift, shortly after we were married and yes, I named him after a reindeer. Blitzen has "issues" to say the least. Anyone that knows us, knows a little about our strange Lhasa Apso that's on Prozac. He would make a wonderful episode on "The Dog Whisperer" if any of you are familiar with that show. Ceasar Milan would have a hay day with this dog. Why we still have him is beyond me. I always say he's got one paw out of the door and he's working on the other three. If he makes it through this third child, he'll be lucky- seriously. Now, I do love him but much of my stress comes from this dog so I'm trying to just not let him get to me and realize that he loves us and loves being a part of our family and luckily for us we will probably have him for 10 years or more. Lhasa's live long lives. Yay. Note the sarcasm.

Let's just have a run down of Blitzen's issues during his life:

  • He bit me when he was just a tiny puppy over food ( I know, I should have gotten him in obedience classes but I didn't).

  • He swallowed a quarter as a puppy and required surgery to remove it.

  • He swallowed a button from my chair but luckily he pooped this one out.

  • He likes to pull things out of the bathroom trash cans and eat the tissues

  • He's been on numerous meds for his thyroid, allergies, his eyes, anxiety and ear nastiness (never ending with the ears).

  • He has a serious cage issue- many family members as well as friends have witnessed this and let's just say it's quite frightening coming from a small dog.

  • He does not like loud noises- if someone is mowing their lawn you can forget about him going to the bathroom outside. He freaks!

  • He snores-loudly-like an old man-it will keep you up at night, it's that loud.

  • He's terrified of the bath-he will bite you if he knows you're coming to get him to take him to the bath-and yes he knows, just by looking at you, that you're coming to get him- so I get him groomed.
  • He's pretty posessive over bones, take that back-very possessive, as in he will not put it down until he's finished eating the entire thing-we're talking about plastic chew toys here.

Here's a pic taken several years ago of Mike with Blitzen holding a wrapped bone (Chritmas present for Blitz) that he would not put down- he went to the bathroom outside with it in his mouth, just in case anyone tried to take it from him. I'm telling you this dog is crazy.

  • The one good thing about Blitzen is that he is really good with our kids and kids in general-he loves people and he loves to snuggle.
Here he is today-your saying, what's wrong with that- he just lays around? Sure after he's licked every body part constantly for about an hour straight, he's tuckered out from that, so he sleeps. Don't you love his look, like "What do you want lady?"

And then there is my angel Sophie who is 6. She is a 6 pound Maltese that is so darn cute I can't even stand it. She follows me around like a baby and truly worships me, so naturally, I kind of favor her!:) However, Sophie is not quite perfect either. Yes, she seems to enjoy chasing small children-other than our own, kind of like an ankle biter but she's never actually bitten anyone. She does, however, have it out for my nephew Ty, poor guy. She also licks the air-almost constantly, oh and furniture as well. Seriously, what is it with the licking!! If you look closely you can see her tiny, pink tongue in lick mode.

Mike and I have battled it out on whether or not to keep Blitzen-have I mentioned he's bitten Mike 4 times? Oh, just little bites, although one time he did have to get a shot so it would not get infected. You see, Mike has a big heart and he just can't get rid of Blitz, he feels it's wrong and that Sophie and him are buds and Sophie would be depressed if Blitzen was gone. Mike doesn't realize my plan would be to get another adorable, tiny Maltese to keep Sophie company! And please don't get me wrong, I would never just want to send him to the pound, just maybe find him an owner that has a little more time for him and maybe a little more patience.:0

So we will probably have Blitz for another decade or so. Oh, I'm sure I will have my moments where my poor mom and sister have to coach me through a "I just can't take Blitzen and his stinky ears and muddy paws" episodes. Usually happens after a baby is born and I'm in my hyper cleanliness mode. But there is one thing about dogs that you rarely come across-that being unconditional love. They love us the same even though they can annoy the you know what out of us, they just want to be loved and fed, not asking for much more than that.

Sooo, anyone looking for a sweet Lhasa Apso with only minor issues???:)

I'm kidding!


  1. We have THREE dogs, we can send you some of ours! We actually even have a llasa mix! And a dingo mix and a beagle. And two ferrets.

  2. Please someone help a sister out and volunteer to adopt Blitz. I am not kidding :)
    love, Alexa (Adrienne's sister)

  3. I love your dogs. They are so cute.

  4. only if you want to trade for a 22 pound cat with minor issues!

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. Kira's little something extra was a surprise at birth. I wish we would have known ahead of time - we could have celebrated her birth instead of being so scared. Can't wait to meet Bennett!

  5. OMG we had a Lhasa that was our baby (as naughty as he was!). We had him for 9 years before Mason was born. He had bit both of us, barked at everyone. God he was so naughty. Then Mason came and he bit him twice. Then he turned on me one day ... he was psycho!!! So we tried to have him go live with my SIL and he was sooo stressed out, he got soooo sick and an internal illness sort of came out. It was so strange. So we ended up putting him down ... he was 10. It was horrible and we bawled like babies.

  6. I was reading through this and stopped short when I saw Sophie! She looks EXACTLY like my mom's Pootese (Maltese/poodle)Nani. My mom even has the same color couch with the same dent from Nani's favorite perch site! Wow, I think they are long lost sisters!


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