Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Good Family Bonding...

This weekend we all spent some quality time together, not that we don't usually do that on the weekends but especially this weekend before Bennett's surgery because we will be away from the girls for a bit during his hospital stay. So we started off at the pool...

Harper belly-flopped jumped in...

Ainsley jumped in...

And then Ainsley shocked us all by jumping in with no floatation device! And yes Liz, if you're reading, it took a little bribing:) But it really didn't take much this time. The conversation went like this:

  • Me: "Ainsley you wanna try to jump without your little float belt?"
  • Her: "No"

  • Me: "Okay"
  • Her: pauses and starts stepping from one foot to the next like she has to go to the bathroom and then says "Can I get the Fancy Nancy outfit?"

  • Me: "Yes but probably not today" (The Fancy Nancy outfit is an inexpensive dress up thing she spotted at Target one time)

  • Her: throws off the belt and jumps right in and the belt didn't go back on after that. I was pretty impressed. It's only taken about two years for her to do that.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little bribing, I was bribed throughout my younger years and it eventually got me a swimming scholarship! LOL ;0

So then I swam some laps. Yes, I know it looks like I'm drowning here but I actually swam 20 laps and then Mike got in and had to one up me or 20 up me if that make any sense and swam 40 laps! You see, we're on a little exercise kick (I'm always on an exercise kick though so nothing new for me) but I know it's hard for Mike with work and traveling and he starting running again so I'm very proud of him for that. Now of course I had to run longer than him but unfortunately it rained on Sunday so I couldn't prove to him that I could complete 40 laps too (that would have killed me by the way!) Just a little friendly competition- I told Mike if we keep competing like this with each other we'll be fit in no time!

Oh, I must add this neat story- last weekend at the pool a woman came up to me and introduced herself (Andrea if you're reading this I hope you don't mind me mentioning you!) and said to me that she found my blog through her sister-in-law's blog Gabriel updates- which I happen to follow. Now, Gabriel and his family live no where near where we live and she said that when she saw Ainsley she recognized her and then Harper and then she saw me and felt it had to be Adrienne from Our Unexpected Journey- now if that's not a small world I don't know what is! So I saw her again today and enjoyed chatting with her and it sounds like Gabriel is a wonderful addition to the family. I mean what are the chances of meeting some one that has such a similar bond unless it's planned of course?? I still can't believe that!

Okay on with the rest of the weekend...After talking with my mom who suggested that Ainsley needed a little alone time with mommy since she's going through a big adjustment with having a new brother and his surgery and all I decided to take her to get a pedicure! She really enjoyed this and loved picking out her color and the lady even painted some flowers on her fingers and toes- so cute!

Just look at the smile on her face- priceless!

Side note: Harper saw Ainsley's nails and insisted that she have hers painted as well so now Harper has hot pink toes and nails too:)
For dinner the girls made their own cheese quesadillas...
Although, did Harper eat them? Of course not-maybe 3 bites tops! She's going through that typical 2 year old faze of picky eating-very frustrating!!

I snuggled with my sweet Bennett...
He's right at 11 pounds by the way!! Hoping he doesn't lose too much after surgery but I've been told they chunk right up so we'll see.

Sunday morning we made Belgian waffles for breakfast- usually it's just pancakes on Sundays but we decided to change it up a little...

We watched "The Incredibles"- not quite age appropriate just yet, the girls kept asking "where's Cinderella, where's Sleeping Beauty?"LOL

Harper dressed up like Cinderella (this is what she wants to be for Halloween- imagine that!)...
We had plans to go to the park and fly the girl's Barbie kite but since it was yucky out that never happened. They've told us the average hospital stay for Bennett's surgery is any where from 3-7 days so we're hoping and praying for a short stay so we can all be back together again. I have a feeling August is going to fly by just as fast as July did! 4 more days to go!!


  1. oh just lost what I wrote. Here goes again. We are enjoying looking at your pictures from the weekend and listening to the music on your blog. My daughter is dancing and looking at the girls swimming.

    I have a strong feeling that Bennett will do well. Wysdom lost a few pounds but put it back on quickly. Wishing you and your family the best. Sending prayers

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! And I love the picture of you & Bennett! I'm still praying for you guys that all goes well with his surgery!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. and I don't think you have to worry about B losing weight. W gained 14 oz and was in the hospital for 13 days....imagine that! You should worry that you many not be strong enough to hold him~lol. We are parying for everything to go well.

  4. Wow what a nice weekend !!!! Looks like everyone had a blast. Praying for all of you & that Bennett's surgery goes well. HUGS :)

  5. I was so happy (and surprised) to meet you and your is indeed a small world. Hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly for your family on Thursday. Look forward to seeing everyone again at the pool!


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