Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bennett Will Do It.

This simple T-shirt with this simple slogan may seem well, simple but it means so much more. Jennifer from Three's A Charm has started a great campaign with these simple t's to show that kids with Down syndrome can and will achieve. She is selling the shirts for $21 (In honor of Trisomy 21) and with the money, she purchases the book "Gifts 2" and donates it to her local hospital, genetic counselor's office or a pediatrician's office.

This is what I like so much about the campaign- getting information through "Gifts 2" to the parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. We, like many other parents never received any information or hope when we first found out about Bennett. I was left to surf the net but when I left the doctor's office, some pretty scary thoughts were running through my mind. Not one glimmer of hope was given to me. Giving parents or moms this book will show them that their child can and will accomplish things in life, the wonderful experiences that their families have had with their children and that Down syndrome is NOT the end of the world!

And now to the other important part of the campaign- the little shirt and announcing the fact that children with Down syndrome will do it, can do and are doing it! And the one that is nearest and dearest to my heart: Bennett, who may not be doing much now, (he's just 3 months-give him some time) other than the that minor thing called OPEN HEART SURGERY that he seemed to cruise through (by the grace of God of course) but for now the shirt symbolizes the future for him. I have no doubt that Bennett will walk, talk, run, play, go to school (with his sisters), have friends, love (most likely unconditionally which doesn't happen with us "typical" people) and be a wonderful brother and son. And I know when he does first sit up or drink from a sippy we won't take it for granted because for him it will be a big deal and that makes it even more fun!

This all goes back to my post "Will It Make A Difference". I think it is so important for people to know the good and the bad about Down syndrome not just the bad (or in our case and most other's nothing at all) when they are faced with the possibility that their child could or does have DS prenatally. That's why I love what Libby has done and what Jennifer is now doing. One of these days when I get my feet grounded in this whole DS thing and can manage to juggle three kids, I'd love to get involved in developing some sort of pamphlet for local OB offices and especially genetic counseling offices to give to parents or mothers who are lost after receiving their diagnosis. Like I've mentioned before just something that shares the good and bad. I'm not saying to sugar coat DS because yes, their are serious medical issues that can occur and it won't be easy. But to see a cute baby on the front and show that along with the possibility of medical issues, is also the possibility of great love and accomplishments, just like any other child really. Besides, just because the baby has DS does not automatically mean he will have a heart defect or eye problems or cancer or whatever else can happen at a higher incidence with DS. And believe it or not some people are even told that their child will never walk or talk! I've never been told this and besides it's just pure ignorance but some people really think that!!

I have a feeling Bennett's sisters are going to be his biggest fans;)

So one of these days- that's my goal. Thanks to the ladies that are already making a difference and showing the world that our kids can do it and will do it!


  1. We did it too! It's a very cool shirt for a very worthy cause. Matthew just loves the shirt.
    I think Bennett's sisters are already his biggest fans and that bond will just strengthen over time. And you are doing an awesome job advocating for him and raising awareness about Down syndrome. ;-)

  2. Oh I'm so jealous over those shirts. Carly is not wearing infant/toddler sizes anymore :o(

    Bennett looks GREAT! I can't believe how much he's growing already. Way to 'grow' Bennett!

    You're so right. His sisters will be his biggest fans. Our two oldest kids are very protective. They are also Carly's biggest cheerleaders.

  3. I promise to make bigger kids sizes next!!! I'm saving up! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pamphlet idea Adrienne! Let's do "it"!!! We moms need the shirt too. Bennett rocks that tee :)!!!!

  4. Bennett is so CUTE! I love that shirt - it's great! I agree with you that positive information must be given to parents when they first hear that their child will be born with Ds. I wasn't given any information and in fact the genetic counsellors told me not to research anything about Ds until I had a confirmed diagnosis from the amnio. I wish that I would have found the blogs I love so much now, back then. It would have made a world of difference!

  5. Oh, I love the onesie! Bennett is just precious and you can definitely tell his sisters are going to let him be very far from him! He can do it, he will do it, he has done it. And he is one lucky little boy to have you as his Mommy! :)

  6. I have no doubt that Bennett will do great things! I love the shirt and I will spread the word about it - it really is a great cause. Thank you!


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