Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Baby Can Read!

*Mute the music at the bottom*

Okay, she's not a baby, she's 4 and maybe it's superb memorization but hey, reading is a little memorization isn't it? I wanted something for the girls to watch and work on while I fed Bennett other than Dora all the time and I contemplated for weeks on which program to get. I wanted something for my typical kids as well as for my child with special needs so finally I just decided on "Your Baby Can Read" hoping that it's not too fast paced for Bennett when the time comes.

So I've had the program for about 2 weeks now and we definitely don't do it as much as the program suggests but Ainsley is very interested in learning to read so she's picked it up very quickly. Harper is not as interested but she's learned to recognize a couple of words. Now, I realize I could make up my own flash cards but I just don't have the time to cut out zebras and gorillas people. Plus you get CDs, books and flash cards with and without pictures so it's a ton more than I could ever make. Anyways, I taped Ainsley "reading" the starter book and I tried to skip pages and use flash cards as well to try and trick her but she's really getting the hang of it. Not saying I've got this genius or anything, I mean, sure I think she's smart but all parents think that of their own kids, I just think it's a pretty good program if your child shows interest. Sorry for the poor taping- kind of hard to hold the camera and flip the pages! Plus at times it's hard to hear her because Harper is singing "Now I know my ABC's" in the background!

Now the flip cards...

I think I might try to make up 3 word flash cards with the words she's learned to see if she can read them (I can handle that). The phrases won't make sense but it would be interesting to see if she could read it in my handwriting. But to add, they do change the font up so the child is not totally memorizing it in the same font. We just need to work on lower case letters with Ainsley because she knows all the upper case but we've never really worked on the lowers. It is fun to see her learn and actually enjoy it. Now we just need to work on it more with Harper...


  1. Way cool!!! I've seriously been contemplating this for JEB.....I need to talk to a couple more people about it, but I think I'm going to get it for him. It certainly can't hurt....that's my theory!

    Praying for you guys these next couple of days!

  2. Thanks for the post. This is a great idea!!

  3. I teach kindergarten. Tell Ainsley she's doing really well! =)
    Keep working on the lower case letters and start Harper on them, too, when she's ready. Most parents work on upper case letters thinking they're easier to learn, but I tell everyone if they want to work on letter recognition before their child starts school to start with lower case. That's because when they start reading 95% of all the letters are lower case. Only the first letter of proper nouns and the beginning of a sentence are capitalized. =)

  4. How wonderful, your videos are just great!

  5. I got it and my daughter loves it!!

    She grasped the program within 4 months.

    Go here to see here in action:



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