Friday, August 7, 2009

Holding Bennett, Moving Out of Intensive Care and A Prayer Request...

Today they took Bennett's chest tube out as well as the pacing wires that were going to his heart in case he had any arrhythmias(he didn't) and the nasal canula is out as well so Mr. B is a little more comfortable. He's eating great-taking 4 ounces at every feed and could probably take more but they want to take it easy. He still has not had a bowel movement so we (meaning the nurse and I) tried to give him colace by syringe- that was fun! I think he swallowed maybe half and spit out the rest so we'll see if that helps. That seems to be his only real pain right now- constipation which is common after surgery so I think once he gets things moving he'll be a happy camper!

The doctors just came in and said that Bennett is doing so well that he doesn't need to be the intensive care unit and will be stepping down to the cardiac nursery-yay! And it looks like we will be getting a private room again! We were able to get into the Ronald McDonald house which is really nice but with this private room I am able to sleep right next to Bennett so that's been wonderful. God has answered all of our prayers thus far and we couldn't be happier and we're just soooo thankful!!

I want to mention a neat encounter I had yesterday and a prayer request. While I was pregnant I was on the Baby Center website and joined the Down syndrome Pregnancy support group. All the women on there were either in my shoes or had been there and it was a wonderful support for me. I "met" a girl named Kristin on there and it so happened that her son was due just 2 weeks after Bennett and had the same heart defect and would be having his surgery at CHOP with Dr. Spray like us. We didn't think it would be at the same time though but wouldn't you know that it ended up her little Liam had his surgery just 2 days before Bennett and I got to meet Kristin yesterday while waiting for Bennett's surgery to be done! Things like this just don't happen people, they happen for a reason and it was so nice to meet this girl that went through what I went through during pregnancy and then now with surgery. Her son however did not have a successful surgery and had to be taken on and off the by-pass machine several times during surgery and as far as I know may still be on it (called the ecmo machine) She said it was touch and go for the first 2 days but when I spoke to her she thought that he was coming around and was going to be okay. It just breaks my heart because I know that could me Mike and I. I've see many parents just waiting in the wait area, clinging onto hope and prayer that their baby will be okay and it's really very sad and scary. So please pray that Liam will come through and recover from all of this and for peace for his parents. Last night the nurse said that the doctors could not come to see us until later because there was a very sick baby across the hall that they needed to focus on and I'm just hoping that it wasn't Liam and that of course that this baby was okay. I have not seen Kristin since yesterday.

Here are some pics from today...

The nurse propped him up with a boppy and he really seemed to like this.

Holding my boy!

I'm so happy!

Yes, we're exhausted. Hopefully I will get better sleep tonight as long as Bennett is able to rest.

We are getting ready to go to lunch and then packing up to go to the step down unit. Maybe tomorrow we will know more about being discharged!!


  1. Oh, wow, praying for Kristin and Liam. I remember when we were at Vanderbilt for B's OHS, there were two or three crashes (in other rooms) when were were in the PCICU. It was scary and very sobering. Medical personal running everywhere, packing the small rooms, parents outside in the hall sobbing and holding each other. All the while we could hear it all. I would just hold Matthew and Benjamin (or his hand, LOL, as he was hooked up to an external pacemaker and I couldn't hold him until we were up on the 6th floor) and pray for those poor babies and the poor families, all the while not understanding why it was them and not me. But being grateful that we were in the clear for the moment.
    I hope that as you read this, you are out of ICU and that Bennett has pooped! LOL :)

  2. I am so glad that Bennett is doing so well! God is so good!!

    I will say a prayer for Liam - that must be so scary for his Mom. I agree with you completely that meeting up with Kristin wasn't just chance. God works with such purpose and in such amazing ways.

    I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight and that Bennett continues to do so well. He sure is a cutie!

  3. I'm so glad Bennett is doing well.....awesome answer to prayer. I will definitely pray for Kristin and family during this time for them. Scary! Jn and I were so blessed that JEB didn't have any heart issues.

    Get some rest my dear! Nice picture of Mike....does he know you put it on the internet??????

  4. This is incredible! You'll be home before you know it!

  5. Debbie asked my question. LOL Sorry your friend's baby didn't do well. Hope he's out of the woods soon. Bennett looks AMAZING!!! So glad for you! =)

  6. I remember Kristen posting about Liam's birth. I am praying for him. Glad Bennett's doing better. Those pics sure bring back memories.

  7. Oh, this post makes me so happy to see Bennett doing so well! Prayers to Kristin & Liam - do they have a blog?

  8. So great to hear how wonderful Bennett is doing. We will be praying for a continued smooth and uneventful recovery for Bennett and add Liam to our prayer list as well.

    (one+twins=3boys on Babycenter)

  9. So happy to hear Bennett is doing so well, looks like you will be home before you know it.I was thinking of you these past 2 days .....Sue ( Codys Mom )

  10. Praising God for Bennett's awesome recovery.

    Hey, tell Kristen to drop me an email if she wants. Micah had a super rough go with his AV Canal repair too (back on bypass twice before leaving the OR with an open chest, fortunately not on ECMO, but open chest for 3 days, PICU for 10 days, and 7 more in step-down).

  11. I'm sooo glad Bennett's doing well! I hope he continues to progress! I'm keeping both Bennett & Liam in my prayers.

  12. So glad that Bennett's progress is going well. The picture of you holding him is so adorable. He looks great. I will pray for Kristen and Liam. I pray that everything goes well for them and that their stay in the hospital is short.

  13. So glad Bennett is doing so well- it's amazing. Hope you get home soon, and sending love to Liam too.

  14. I will be praying for Liam and Kristin in addition to Bennett and the rest of the family! he looks so wonderful and your pictures are terrific! I have not looked at any pics yet (just not ready) and I feel strength from your journey! We will soon walk this very path, thanks for sharing and we celebrate with you and give all the glory to the Lord! Hoping you are in a room together today!!! Hugs! Lara


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