Friday, August 21, 2009

A Fruity Surprise!

When this arrived I thought maybe it was for Bennett and then I saw that is was for Ainsley and Harper and inside the card said:

Isn't that sweet??! I'm so excited for them to be in Brian (Mike's brother) and Lauren's wedding!! And what a cute way to ask!! A perfect summer treat!

The wedding is in December so we have about 4 months to "practice". Ainsley is already asking "what color dress will we wear?" But I have to be careful...when something is talked up too much and it involves Ainsley, she tends to crumble under the pressure. And I don't want a meltdown or two at their wedding!!

Thanks Lauren and Brian, the girls loved it (so did I:)) and they are sooo excited!


  1. What a cute way to ask your girls to be flower girls! They must be very excited!!

  2. That's a really neat way to ask the girls to be in the wedding. Can't wait for the see pictures of the girls!

  3. What a creative and tasty way to be invited to participate in a wedding. I'll bet they're excited!

  4. How original! Sounds like you're in for some fun!

  5. Ok, why are your comments sort of screwy? Like I can click "post comment" after doing this, but then it brings up a new box, telling me to enter the spam code and then click "post comment" again. Why isn't the spam code appearing in the beginning? I'm so cornfused. LOL


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