Monday, August 10, 2009

Oxygen Is Our Only Hurdle

We're on day 5 now and the only thing that is keeping us here is the oxygen. The doctors reviewed his chest x-ray from this morning and again it looks better but there is still just a little bit of atelectasis in his left lung, which means a tiny part of his lung is not fully inflated which would cause him to need just the tiniest bit of O2. It's very common after surgery and since Bennett it just an infant they said it's much harder to clear his lungs than it would be for an adult because an adult or even a child can get up and move around, cough, blow bubbles etc. to help clear out the fluid but you are limited with infants.

So they've started aggressive chest PT with a chest vibrator that basically massages Bennett on the back and chest and it breaks up any mucous or fluid. Also changing the position he is in frequently, can help. They said if he can keep his sats above 95 for 12 hours, we can go home-talk about pressure:). They will now do the echo tomorrow and hopefully by that time he will have met the 12 hour requirement and we can leave! We're going a little stir crazy here but we've been able to get out outside while he sleeps and this part of Philadelphia is very pretty and there's great restaurants so Mike and I have been able to have some nice dinners which never happens with 3 kids!! We're thinking these dinners can be our anniversary celebrations since it will be here in just 3 days and we're thinking we'll be back to the daily grind by then.

Anyways, just asking you to pray that Bennett's lungs will clear up and his sats can come back up quickly so we can go home. I know that if this is our only issue right now then I should be very thankful and I totally am. I'm so proud of Bennett but I know this could have been much worse so I thank God every day for the experience we've had. I also continue to pray for Liam and I hope you will too. I did speak to Kristin and since Liam is not my son I don't feel it's my place to disclose all the details but he is doing a little better but it's going to be a tough road and he still needs so many prayers. So even know you don't know this family because I really don't know them either, they still need prayers to lift up their son.

Here are some pictures of Bennett getting his massage chest PT and some playtime:
One side

and now the other side.

Mike playing patty-cake with Bennett's feet.
Bennett smiling at daddy- such a happy baby!


  1. I am so happy to hear that things are going well on your end. I will continue to pray for Bennett and Liam.
    Boy, do I remember how small the hospital room becomes! Bennett please keep your stats up little guy!
    Looking forward to hearing how the echo goes tomorrow!

  2. I'll be praying for y'all and for Liam. Bennett is so cute!! He does look so much like Harper (and his Daddy)!

  3. What a cutie! Love his cow baby legs!!! and what a great idea for the hospital! praying for you guys, Bennett, you can kept the O2 up, go baby go! :) I am in awe of your strength little one, you look like nothing significant happened..just another day! Hugs! And Happy early Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

  4. Bennett is just the cutest baby! I will pray for his lungs to clear up soon so that you can go home!! I'm sure your girls are anxious to have you come home!

  5. That's great news! I pray that his oxygen gets up so that you all can go home. It seems he's done amazingly well. I love his cute little smile in the last picture. I'll bet most adults wouldn't feel much like smiling less than a week after heart surgery, but there's your sweet Bennett, smiling away every chance he gets. It's also great that you and hubby got to have some nice dinners out. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Wow - great news! Thanks for the Baby Legs info. I'm so getting some!

  7. He is simply adorable!
    Benjamin *loved* his chest compressions when he was in the hospital! Sometimes it was the only thing that would calm him down and put him to sleep!
    I also LOVE that you two are getting away to restaurants together! We took advantage of that time, too, and ate out quite a bit when we were in Nashville, but only when B was in the ICU. Otherwise, we had no one there to stay with him in the room.
    My hubby is actually flying to Philly tomorrow for a one-day business trip. Crazy!!

  8. He is SO cute... and patient during his chest PT!

  9. Praying for your little Bennett! I missed all the post about his surgury since we were on vacation. I had to do a quick catch up. Matt and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary last week. Happy early anniversary to you!

  10. Oh atelctasis...I remember that word so well, William was hospitalized so many time with it, at least it does not make them "sick" I am so happy to hear how well B is doing, what a blessing, Praise God!

  11. When Landon was 10 months old he developed RSV and what kept us in the hospital so long was the atelecstasis as well. Since Landon was much bigger that what Bennett is now, chest PT incorporated actually pounding on his chest, back and sides. He LOVED it! It became the best way to calm him or get him to sleep and still does to this day!

    I'm glad too, that things have gone smoothly, but I know the frustration and disappointment when it seems like one little thing is holding him back from making a full and complete recovery and you guys going home. I remember beginning to think of his hospital room as jail.

    Come on little lungs - open up!


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