Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Bennett's First Christmas!

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a great holiday-we definitely did, so much better than last year!! Last year we had so many unknowns to worry about but this year that big unknown (Bennett) was just a happy, cuddly baby for us to hold! We're so thankful for him!!
So this Christmas was a special one for Bennett-his first, of course! Here's some pictures of him on his very first Christmas as well as throughout the holiday and some special people in his life:)...

Opening his gifts

Ainsley helping him open gifts

Getting ready for his morning bottle:)

Just some cuteness in these next few pics

His sisters love him so much!

Bennett with his sisters and cousins

Uncle Seth and Aunt Alexa

My parents with all their grandchildren

Micah (my sister's son) with Bennett

Ty (my sister's other son) with Ainsley

Mike with Harper waiting to take a ride on granddaddy's trailer.

Us-Christmas 2009!

Happy 2010!


  1. Looks like a fun time! My girls love to ride on the lawn mower at my dad's house too. He also attaches a trailer and pulls them all around!

  2. B has the most adorable chunky cheeks ever!!! I just want to pinch them!!! He's so happy!!! And the family pics are simply adorable!!

    I will be praying for a great year for you guys!!

  3. Such a precious and unforgettable Christmas :)

  4. sweet pictures. Love the little dresses for the girls

  5. These turned out great! Very sweet! Also, love the 'snow' on the sides of page :)

  6. I'm glad you had such a great Christmas! I love the pictures - especially the ones with Harper and Ainsley loving Bennett! What a special time for your family!

  7. Awesome pics! Your family is precious.

  8. Beautiful and Happy New Year to all of you !!!

  9. Such a darling family! What a great first Christmas for Bennett

  10. looks like a perfect christmas was had! what a beautiful family you have.

  11. Love the new header...what a bunch of cuties!

  12. beautiful family! all the pictures are wonderful!

  13. What a beautiful family! My favorite photo is one of Bennett getting a kiss from his sister. So precious!

  14. What sweet pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy 2010.


    Windmills and Tulips.

  15. Love the family picture! I know I've told you this a million times, but here it goes again~Bennett is an absolute doll!

  16. What great pictures. Bennett is getting so big and even cuter then ever. You are a very young looking Mom and very beautiful. Glad you all had a wonderful Holiday Season.

  17. Beautiful, beautiful post! I loved the pictures! It looks like your family had some an enjoyable Christmas! Bennett is super adorable and I just love reading updates about him :)

  18. Wow what great pictures. I am glad you had a great holiday. Especially since it is Bennett's first. Look at all that love and kissin that he is getting.:)


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