Monday, January 25, 2010

Making Progress...

...or maybe not.
{just to be clear, I did not encourage this behavior, nor did I turn on the swing so she could break it}

Harper transitioned nicely into a big girl bed, not nearly as much drama as I thought it would be. I believe she is still struggling to find her place in the family though.

Am I the baby or am I a big sister?

So with all of that comes tantrums and we're in the throes of the terrible twos, that's for sure. Out of nowhere she's become a picky eater and I feel like she spends more time in the corner then not. Most days you will find Harper wearing her Cinderella dress and not only in the house, she likes to wear it when we go out as well and frankly it's not worth the battle.

I plan to start really potty training her during spring break when we won't have to leave for school every morning, unless of course she decides she wants to try earlier. But so far this little girl could care less if she's sitting in a soaking wet diaper although she will ask me to change a poopy one. And she loves to wear the Dora underwear but has no problem peeing all over Dora. I haven't been all that strict with it, to be honest and I just hate potty training but it needs to be done so we'll press on.

Harper is definitely proving to be her own little person, nothing like her sister and knows all the buttons on mommy to push, just enough to send mommy over the edge.

But then there are times like this and then all the tantrums don't seem to matter. She'll always be my baby girl.


  1. I think it is wise as a mom to choose our battles and I agree the Cinderalla dress isn't worth it. I remember when Jordan was about 5, she had put about 5 pony tails in her hair (all over her head, AND WANTED TO KEEP THEM THAT WAY WHEN WE WENT TO THE LIBRARY! I'll admit, I had to think about it....we live in a small town, and for several years the sweet librarian would remind us that she remembered that day :) She's 15 now, and it's just a sweet, funny, memory. God bless your precious family.

  2. My first two were EASY to potty train and celebrated second birthday with panties...the third one...took over a year to get it all together and the one thing that worked was to let her play the leapster on the potty and that is what did it. Maybe this helps you:) Good luck.

  3. We waited for summer to potty train, then just let Piper roam underwear/diaper free... and after peeing down her leg a time or two, she insisted on sitting on the potty like Mommy! Good luck!

  4. There are so many hard things that come with being two. Tantrums, picky eating and potty training. Joel is definitely in the twos as well. He is SO picky about what he eats now and has horrible tantrums. I just have to keep reminding myself that he won't be two forever!

    I love that last picture - I try to hold on to those amazing moments too!

  5. good luck with the potty training.....JEB does great at school in big boy undies and at home, he just won't come tell me ahead of time, so I have to keep a strict schedule of potty times. As for #2, that one isn't even in the cards!! He won't go on the potty no matter how long he sits there!!

    And you think she's pushing all of your buttons now, just wait until she's a teenager!!!'ll have your hands full for sure!!!

  6. sweet. your baby girl is absolutely beautiful!!


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