Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I think I'm getting the hang of this!

My parents came up a few weeks ago and my mom patiently taught me how to sew again. I had pretty much forgotten everything my sister and her taught me over the holidays and attempted to make a pair of pants...let's just say Ainsley called them "interesting" when I showed them to her-lol {that's Ainsley's nice way of saying that doesn't look so good}. I just laughed at myself and decided I needed someone to once again show me how the heck I'm supposed to use this thing-the sewing machine.

Here are some of things I sewed with my mom's help:
{read on because I actually made some things all by myself!!}
I'm excited about this dress for the spring time!
I think I got this pattern at JoAnn's and we made a few adjustments like adding length to it with the polka dot fabric, adding the rick rack and instead of buttons we used bows.
My mom showed me how to interface fabric.
Coordinating pants for Harper!
She showed me the easiest way to make a ruffle, using dental floss-it's the coolest thing!!

This is supposed to be an owl-not a cat:)
This is probably the easiest pattern I've done so far, I think the waistband on the pattern is way too complicated for such an easy pattern so I did it the easy way where you make a pocket for it and pull the elastic through with a safety pin.

After she left I was feeling so much more confident and with a new sewing space (no longer in the dinning room) I decided to try some things on my own:

Valentine ruffle pants with matching applique-actually we'll be wearing these all year- ya'll know I LOVE polka dots!!
Couldn't leave Bennett out! Matching "tie" applique -{Bennett was unavailable for this photo shoot (napping) and will be making his appearance in his Valentines "tie" closer to Valentine's Day};)
I'm loving this skirt! Once again great for all year-round!
This really was an easy skirt to make, a tad more complicated then the owl one but I will definitely make it again. Really wanted to add a little ball fringe but sadly I did not have enough-guess I could always add it later.
Well of course I had to make a coordinating outfit for Ainsley!

I'm very excited to be able to make the kids some cute
outfits now and I love being able to have something fun for them to wear for all of the little "holidays". I was even able to save the day and fix one of their princess dress up outfits that was quickly unraveling.

So yeah, I think I'm getting the hang of this!


  1. Way cute!! My sewing machine just came in the mail yesterday--I'm so excited to start making stuff!! I love the skirts and the ruffle pants--you should do a tutorial!

  2. I'd say you definitely have the hang of it! Gorgeous!

  3. Wow you are whipping clothes out left and right! Very impressive! I think the picture of Harper leaning up against the coffee table in her new skirt is probably the cutest think I have ever seen! What a doll! Great job on the clothes, it makes me want to go try out some new patterns!

  4. I am so impressed. I have a sewing machine collecting dust in the storage room. Even if I dusted it off I know I wouldn't be creating any masterpieces like those. Awesome job! Can't wait to see Bennett's tie outfit.

  5. Everything looks great! You are doing so great! I just ordered some fabric and a ton of sewing patterns, so I am waiting for mother-in-law to come show me where to start! :) Love, love, love the outfits! :)

  6. I am LOVING all you have made! You need to start taking some orders soon! Totally would order some from you! Great job!

  7. Wow!! Can you come to Canada and teach me?! You did an amazing job on those outfits. My favourite one is Harper's Valentine's outfit. Love the polka dots!

  8. I am so impressed. Those outfits are adorable.

  9. super cute stuff! I think it all looks amazing. Makes me want to pull out my dusty old machine. ;-)

  10. Very impressive! You did an awesome job! All in one day? I haven't sewn a thing since 8th grade home ec and that was a LONG time ago. We made skirts which did not look too bad, but my waistband was too tight and we had to wear our creations all day to school. I was so sick and hurting when I finally got home and took it off--- I vowed to NEVER sew again. And I have 3 girls that I've never made anything for that required thread or bobbins. =)

  11. Let us know if you start taking orders. This stuff is right up my alley and I have a 2 1/2 year old girl and I would definitely order something if you decide to go that route. Great job!

    Michelle - BBC mom

  12. Amazing. You have such an eye for pattern combinations. Love all the fabrics you chose!! I especially dig that little tie applique for your little man. Probably gonna have to steal that idea!

  13. I'm so impressed! And the only thing better than polka dots is...wait, there's nothing better than polka dots. Love them!

  14. That is amazing for practice! Great job, I love them all.

  15. wow - so cute! I love the polka dots, bows and ruffles! I'm so impressed that you've learned how to do all of this yourself! Send your mom my way - I need all the help I can get when it comes to sewing!

  16. absolutely adorable. you should sell stuff on . i am a crafter too, but i'm not quite good at sewing like my mom. my sister is the crochet queen. i make cards and scrapbook.

    my little guy is going to be 6 mo old next week! i can't believe it! i wouldn't change his extra chromosome for anything. i love him to pieces. :D

    i like your blog! how did you get it so customized with fonts and backgrounds and everything? very cute~*

  17. Adorable!! My mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine for Christmas 2 years ago, but I don't know how to use it. I wish I could make Riley outfits like this. They are precious. I too love polka dots and Bennett's tie is my favorite!

  18. Any tutorials on the way?

    Your sewing skills are awesome. Way to go, opening an Etsy shop with such a new skill. I can't wait to check it out.

    BTW will you share the dental floss trick for ruffles?


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