Friday, January 8, 2010

Springing Into Winter!

Yep, it's definitely January. The boot tin is out for the season because it seems like there's always just a little snow on the ground and as soon as you put them up, it snows again.

I always find it depressing taking down the Christmas decor. To be followed by putting up the same old stuff I had before, stuff that looked fine before Christmas but somehow looks pretty plain and bare after the season.

So this year I decided to change some things up, move some things around and bring just a tad bit of spring into my winter decor...
These used to be in our bedroom, yes of course they're fake but I don't mind fake if they're not too fake looking:) Who doesn't have hydrangea on their kitchen table in the middle of winter? Ha, I love it! It's wintery white and refreshing if you asked me.
This is by no means done, just some beginning decor thrown on my now fabric covered dining room table (no place for the sewing machine just yet but hopefully soon).

I'm loving birds right now and my new color obsession is sky or what we call in our house "Carolina Blue";). So it may not go perfectly with my greenish and gold walls but I am slowly breaking free from my greens, reds and golds and leaning towards blues, browns, ivory and tan. However, it may take some time since a lot of my furniture fits into the first color palette.. like all of it.

So here are some of my attempts to add more ivory. Many of my frames and accents are black or dark bronze and I'm just over it! I need bright and airy during these cold winter months!

I love this verse and found this little plaque 50% off at Jo Ann Fabrics of all places. I just added some brown ribbon to hang it from. Jo Ann's now has a Shabby Chic line and they've got some really good stuff!
Just adding that Carolina blue in small doses and I told you I'm loving birds right now, well I love their houses too! Hobby Lobby has some really cute ones!!
More Carolina blue! You see, I really don't care that the blue candles don't "go" perfectly with my walls, I'm breaking all my rules and branching out! {plus I think I enhanced the color a little because it doesn't look quite that blue in person;)}

I got the stocking holders at Hobby Lobby (of course) and decided they would be cute all year-round! Yep, I've already started decorating some for Valentines too! I don't go crazy for Valentine's Day but the girls like it and it's fun having something else to look forward too. We're in for a long 3-4 (hopefully only 3) months of cold weather up here, so I've got to keep it interesting!
Another one of my favorite decorating changes is adding this little tray to my coffee table, it used to be in my basement, on a shelf, getting dusty. Not crazy about the color since it's in my "old" palette but it's great because for each season I change it up (Fall and Christmas were so much better then what I have now but these were some left over things that I'm not quite ready to banish to the basement, so in the tray they went).
This little guy usually gets packed away with the tree but I decided that he's not too Christmasy (don't think that's a word, so I made it up) and he's cheerful so he gets to stay a little while longer this year.
Fun hearts because it makes the girls smile.

So if you get depressed taking all the Christmas stuff down, do what I did, change things up, add a bit of spring to brighten up the house. It's not like you're putting out Easter eggs and bunnies, you're just bringing in some warmth and I know most of us are just about freezing right now!


  1. I do that very thing myself. Change things up a little........try to bring some "fun" into the house after all the Christmas goodies get put away.

  2. I changed a few things up, as well, after taking down all of the Christmas decorations. You are right, it seems plain or almost empty after taking it all down (although we have plenty of TOYS laying around so it doesn't feel that empty.)
    Just curious, were you a pi phi in college?

  3. This is great. I too changes up a few of the toys that "decorate" my house. A little different but a big change.

  4. You have such a beautiful blog. Love the pictures. I hope you had a fantastic holiday season.

  5. Love your music too.. I love Michael buble and Jason Mraz...:)


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