Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SEW Much Fun!

For Christmas Mike got me a sewing machine and over the holidays my sister and mom taught me how to use it! We when got home and opened the pattern I had absolutely no idea where to start or how to read it...My sister and my mom talked back and forth and said things like "the selvedge", "cut on the bias", "top stitch", "right sides together", "thread the bobbin"-I felt like they were speaking in a foreign language and thought what have I gotten myself into? I truly had no idea how to do anything but I stuck with them and after HEAVY observation (Alexa was hovering about 2 inches above me while I was sewing) and instruction, I made 2 dresses and a cute applique for Bennett!

Of course I didn't want to start with a super easy pattern and I wanted to alter the pattern we had so that made things a tad more difficult, so my text creation may have to be easier since I won't have the experts with me. Here's what I (again with a ton of Alexa's and my mom's help:)) made:
I figure the dresses can be worn year-round with a turtle neck in the winter, short sleeves in the spring and sleeveless in the summer.

The girls loved them (we didn't have tights for Ainsley)!

Side view-living in the south for 12 years will make you grow to love bows but even these bows were a tad too big for me so I've already trimmed and sewed them back up and they look better I think.

Here's the little applique I made for Bennett, I didn't use a pattern, just cut out the B, used "Steam-A-Seam" (although I didn't do it exactly how the instructions said) pressed it with an iron and then sewed around the applique-next time I think I'll use a zig-zag stitch. {I think Bennett liked his new "B" shirt;)}

Had to show proof that I really did sew;)

Lex just threw this cute ruffle onto a shirt she bought from Target-so cute!

I've got this adorable baby shoe pattern that I can't wait to try but I need to get more practice and since I have all the time in the world that shouldn't be a problem;0!

Thanks again mom and Lex for all your help and patience!!


  1. LOVE the dresses you sewed for the girls and the "b" applique for Bennett!!! Have fun sewing (and learning)! I am very impressed :)

  2. You have inspired me! I will get back to my sewing!

  3. Very cute! I've been thinking about learning to sew for a while now... Maybe I'll ask for a sewing machine next year, because I would LOVE to be able to make those adorable dresses.

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  5. Nice job! I might just have to break out an easy pattern or two when Miss Lily gets a little bigger. My mom is a professional seamstress, but I never really had the patience to learn from her. I can sew a mean seam...as long as it's in a straight line...LOL. Happy New Year!

  6. Those are really cute! I also sew too. I love making something for my son and my nieces. To see them in something I made make me happy :)
    Enjoy! p.s. which pattern did you use?

  7. You did great! I am SO jealous! Mine is still in the plastic. I will have to do the same as you and have my mother-in-law over my shoulder! Love the patterns! I found a few patterns that I love. I will send you the links! :)

    P.S. I totally think Bennett and Harper look alike! They are all just precious!

  8. Those dresses are adorable! Sewing has always been a hobby I wish I could pick up. Great job.


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