Friday, December 4, 2009

12 Days of Giving-Days 3 and 4!

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Sorry, I'm a little behind in posting! On day three I asked Bennett's speech/developmental therapist and if they ever needed toys for families that may not be able to afford them and she said they definitely did and would gladly take any toys we had that we didn't use any more. So I'm in the process of collecting toys that the girls no longer play with or toys that just aren't quite cutting it for Bennett anymore for whatever reason as well as an abundance of perfectly clean and barely played with stuffed animals. Seriously, I don't know where or why we have so many stuffed animals but hopefully some child can get joy out of playing or snuggling with them!

On day 4 (today) the kids and I went to a nursing home with the mom's group I'm in. This was a lot fun for the kids as they enjoyed singing Christmas carols, shaking bells and handing out ornaments to the men and women that lived there. The people there seemed thrilled to see little ones and it was so nice seeing them smile! Wish I had a chance to take pictures but between feeding Bennett and making sure Harper didn't mess with every fish tank she passed, the camera never came out of the diaper bag! Thanks to the ladies that organized this, what a great way to give back to those in our community!!

Tomorrow is Ainsley's birthday party, she is going to be five this month!! This may have to count as my giving for the day because I will be running around like crazy for her party. I'm excited for her and I hope she and her friends have a good time! I will definitely have pics from this though!


  1. I liked your idea of asking your therapist if there were any families that needed toys. That's great!

    I hope Ainsley's birthday party goes well. 5 is such an important birthday!

  2. Ok, I don't think my comment took because I clicked out just as that word verification popped up. Grr.

    So, I said ... I love these! I was thinking about the nursing home thing too! And the stuffed animals ... seriously ... where DO they come from? We have enough for like 10 households and I need a good place for them!! LOL.

    Have fun at the party!


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