Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Princess Painting Party With Snow!!

Today we had a birthday party for Ainsley! She will be turning 5 on the 20th of this month {I have a special post for that day} but we've got a ton going on this month so we decided to have it a little early this year. Ainsley loves princesses and painting so why not combine the two?!
Snow started falling early in the afternoon and for the first time ever, I wanted it to stop! I was beginning to worry that her party wouldn't happen but we went ahead with it and all was fine.

The season's first snow!

In her special birthday outfit-my Ainsley is getting so big!

I decided to make her cake this year, tad stressful but I think she liked it!

Getting her face painted by "Cinderella" {Ainsley and her friends were pretty suspicious of Cinderella-she didn't look quite like the one they were used to so they grilled her about why she wasn't wearing her glass slippers among other things but Cinderella had good excuses and played right along!}

Harper getting her face painted.

Granddaddy and Bennett

Posing with Cinderella-Harper was convinced!

Some of the girls in their aprons getting ready to paint their pottery!

Both girls seemed to really enjoy painting their own bowl and plate.

Blowing out her 5 candles!
Yay Ains!

One last pose with Cinderella!

Ainsley opened her presents once we got home and her and Harper had a hay day! They were busy playing for over an hour while Bennett enjoyed the tissue paper!
So on day 5 of the 12 Days of Giving, we gave our daughter Ainsley a birthday party and we hope she has fond memories of it one day! We love you Ainsley, hope you had a wonderful Princess Painting Party!!

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  1. She looks so happy with her party. I love her outfit. Way to go on the cake, I thought it was from some fancy cake place. Glad she could have such a special day.

  2. Happy 5th birthday Ainsley! What a sweet little girl you are and such a princess! LOVE the birthday idea, cake and outfit she had! SO fun! Loved seeing the snow fall too! We don't get that here, miss that!

  3. December b-days are difficult. Ragan's is Dec 29th so we have a party after the new year. Looks like a fun party and memories for your little princess(es)

  4. Your little Ainsley shares a birthday with my mom :) It's tough being so close to Christmas but it looks like you did a fabulous job! Oh, and I LOVE Bennett's tie shirt! Too cute!

  5. What a fun party! You did an amazing job on her cake - I know it can be stressful when you make it yourself!

    5 is such a big number - I couldn't believe it when Caleb turned 5. Ainsley is such a beautiful girl!


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