Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tight pants and Tripods

Bennett is now sporting his new "hip helpers"! Well, not all the time (thankfully), just during therapy. He actually doesn't "frog" his legs out that much but he does have looser hip joints than babies that don't have Down syndrome (more flexible due to DS) so they help keep his hips in line, especially while sitting.

His OT brought several sizes over and she had these in red and then the next size up was bright pink-thank goodness these fit:) But they work amazingly well to help Bennett stand and put weight on his legs. The big issue with standing is with his feet and ankles- they are very flexible so when he puts weight on his feet, he wants to stay like that but his little ankles are so flexible that at times his feet turn up causing his knees to buckle. It also doesn't help that his little thighs are now quite chunky so those flexible ankles have got a tough job! But the hip helpers really work to keep his legs from spreading out to the sides while working on standing and his feet are more stable as well.

Ainsley said "ahh, what is Bennett wearing mom?" I just laughed and asked what she thought about them and she said "ahh, they're cute...I guess" and then she wanted me to try the pink ones on him. LOL

*Edited: The PT said the bright pink ones fit better ;( -sorry Bennett, but mommy won't let anyone see them but your sisters and your therapists!*

Bennett is also getting really good at the tripod position....

However, I just read that this position should not be encouraged too much (great, now that Bennett is good at it!) I guess I need to have him prop his hands on some sort of a play tray on his lap so I don't encourage leaning forward and holding his head back in his neck while sitting-who knew?

But he did sit by himself for 10 seconds last week! He's still totally wobbly but his trunk control is getting so much better.

And here he is just hanging out with his best buddy, big sis Ainsley. Ainsley loves playing with Bennett and I have a feeling they are always going to have a very special relationship.

A little update- he went to the eye doctor (recommended at 6 months) and his eye sight and tracking were great, the only thing the doctor found was that Bennett has a slight astigmatism in both eyes. The doctor said it was common in kids with DS (of course it is, I'm thinking, everything different is common with DS-sorry, sometimes it just gets annoying!) but he said it doesn't mean he needs glasses and he may never need glasses. We go back in a year.

Bennett is still coughing a little so I'll probably wait until after the new year to get his blood tested again-I'll keep you posted on that! Bennett is now 7 months old!!


  1. Girl, B has gotten so big, he is just a doll. Hip Helpers.....hummmmmm brings back memories, maybe I should say nightmares, haha. William screamed so much for therapy when he was little we gave up on them.
    I can't believe how good B seems to be proping himself up. Be proud (I know you are) even if he is not "supposed" to be doing that. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

  2. WTG Bennett! Sounds like you are learning many new things. Happy 7 months! (Sorry about those pink pants!)

  3. This is Joyce. Awesome new support for the hips. Things sure have improved over the years. Just tell him "real men do wear pink" and it will be fashion statement:) He is just adorable and growing so nicely. Love the big sis best buddy. Happy New Year~!

  4. Bennett is doing so great!! Joel never had the hip helpers but they looks so helpful!

    What a great sister Ainsley is! Bennett is so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

    Happy 7 months Bennett!

  5. We just got Eli the same colored hip helpers. I told my husband we should get him a cape and he would look like a superhero with the spandex!

  6. I found your blog through a post on babycenter and your kids are so stinkin' cute!! I hope you had a great Christmas. I've also got to know where you get all the fabulous hair bows for the girls, do you buy them or make them?


  7. Love the hip helpers. we tried them with Christopher, but we had trouble fitting him. His belly would get so distended, then he has no butt and skinny legs - they just slide right off! LOL!

    Hey - here is something that our PT told us to help with the sitting - it really works too! A bed tray! they have the plastic ones, but Wal-Mart carries a wooden (bamboo?) one that it a little bit more stable and it folds up when you are not using it. It is by the bedding.

    Steph and Christopher

    Good luck!

  8. Marissa wears those hiphelpers all the time. She's more mobile now so they help her get the positioning she needs for the crawling position. We love them! If you hate the pink ones a whole lot you can always order your own at for $15. We borrowed ours, but maybe you want to buy your own. :-)

  9. B used the hip helpers a little bit, too, many months ago. (His were black, thankfully.) :)

    B also has a slight astigmatism. Hopefully it will amount to nothing. I can't imagine having to keep glasses on a young child!

  10. Happy 7 Months Bennett and he is so cute. Glad to hear he is doing so well. My oldest Ridge and Carly are having a good relationship together. I think sometimes the oldest connects really well with the baby. Keeping you all in my prayers

  11. Just catching up on your blog. Bennett is looking great. He is doing so well you must be so happy. I love the red hip helpers. I am going to ask my ot about them as Wysdom turns his one hip in to much. And please..the floppy ankles is one thing that we are dealing with too. Love the pics. I like the idea of the bed tray to. Maybe I will try that. Thanks

  12. I have no doubt Bennett can pull off the pink bike shorts look in a very stylish, yet manly way. Anthony's PT is bringing us some Hip Helpers next week to encourage crawling and getting up on his hands and knees. I hope she has a wide selection! :) Merry Christmas!

  13. Adrienne and Mike, your children are so beautiful!! Enjoy the rest of your holidays with them.

    Mona Kay

  14. Happy 7 months Bennett! Lindsey loved the tripod position and used that as a way to get from sitting to belly which wasn't the best from PT standpoint but she figured out the right way to do it in the end.
    Pics are adorable. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

  15. We're gonna have to get some of those hip helpers too!

  16. Bennett is getting so big! I'm loving his hip supporters, go figure, something so simple can help so much. That's great! He is really moving along beautifully!

  17. I definitely need to get some hip helpers for Caydence. Her OT keeps saying how I should hold her legs together when she's playing. Thanks so much for posting about them!


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