Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Winter Wedding!

Well we've known for about 4 months that the girls would be in uncle Brian's wedding and when it came down to it we were a little concerned about Harper, you know...our little two year old that can be quite unpredictable. Well Miss Harper proved everyone wrong and when it was time to step up, she got the job done! Both girls did and I'm so proud of them! It was a simple task but like I said, we were dealing with unpredictable children, take a look and see how they did! For some reason it brought tears to my eyes seeing my little girls as flower girls for the first time. My goodness I can't imagine how I'll be when they are the brides...

The wedding was beautiful and Lauren was a gorgeous bride! Unfortunately my camera did not want to work during the ceremony... I know, I couldn't believe it either but afterwards Mike attached the super zoom lens on and as long as I stood 20 feet away from everyone I got some great pics at the reception;)....

Sweet little flower girls!

Bennett with his Great Grandmother (MaMa)! And yes, my little man is wearing a tie-love it!

Oh this little one can be so sweet when she wants to be.

Brian and Lauren's first dance

The girls with Mike's uncle, Torrens

This little girl danced all night long!

And this one didn't want the bride to dance with anyone but her...

How cute is this pic of Lauren and Harper?!

Bennett called it a night pretty early.

Groom /mother dance

Sunday we drove about 9-10 hours back home in the sleet and freezing rain. I've been dreading this long ride back for some time now but you know, I need to give my girls more credit because they were great and especially after the last few days of visiting with family and dancing the night away! I'm just happy all went well and we made it back safe and sound.

Congratulations Brian and Lauren!


  1. Everyone was beautiful and those 2 sweet daughter's of yours looked so AwEsOmE. Can't leave Bennett out he is so cute too. Glad to hear you made it home ok. I dislike driving in weather like that. Only if I really have too.
    Thanx for sharing !!!!

  2. The girls did an awesome job and their dresses were beautiful! Bennett looks like a little man doll baby in his tie. I LOVE it! =)

  3. I am glad to hear that everything went well. The girls did awesome. They look so pretty. You got some amazing photo's of them. And the little man in his tie. Oh too cute. Sorry to hear you had to drive through that. Glad to hear that you got home safely.

  4. Your girls looked so pretty! I love those dresses they were wearing!! Bennett looked SO CUTE in a tie!! That's one handsome little boy!

  5. Adrienne: Everyone looked so pretty (including you!). I know you were a proud Mama of those flower girls! Glad you had a fun and safe trip! :)

  6. Ainsley and Harper did a fantastic job! They are both so adorable. I loved the pictures - too bad your camera didn't work during the ceremony. So frustrating!

    Bennett looked so cute with his tie on! I'm glad you made it home safely!

  7. the girls looked adorable!!! And B with that tie......too cute for words!!! Nice pic of you and Mike, too!!! Lauren's dress was simply stunning!! Glad you guys had a wonderful time!

  8. absolutely beautifil and I love the tie!!!


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