Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Days of Giving-Day 6-The True Meaning of Christmas

Life with Bubba, Chicky and Nika

Tonight as the girls hopped into Ainsley's bed to read a book I pulled out the story of Jesus' birth and shared the true meaning of Christmas with my children. We talked about why we really celebrate Christmas and how Jesus was God's most precious gift to us. Sharing this story with them, to me is one of the best gifts I can ever give them, if they'll receive it.
I pointed out the shepherds, the animals in the stable and then the 3 wise men and in the picture one of the wise men had a big white beard and Harper shouts "That's Santa Clause!" - LOL. Oh my, maybe next year she'll begin to understand. Although she was able to tell me Christmas was when baby Jesus was born and Ainsley promptly piped in "but he's not a baby anymore!" Ahh, they make me laugh.

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