Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marley, I Mean Blitzen And Me

If you've seen the movie "Marley and Me" and you've had a dog, it probably made you cry. I recently saw it and yes, it made me cry and yes, I felt bad about how I act towards Blitzen, sometimes. Blitzen is not nearly as bad as the dog Marley was and if he was, believe me, he'd be LONG GONE- I have no where near the patience that the owners of Marley had.

However, Blitz has his issues, go here if you'd like to read about these issues. His most obvious and annoying one is his licking and I know it's not his fault- poor guy has a yeast infection- gross, I know. So Mike took him to the vet today and he is on all sorts of meds (nothing we haven't been on before- we've been down this road many times!) but now to add to his meds he has to wear a cone around his head! He's already skiddish so this doesn't help towards his "weirdness"- I don't think that's a word but that's all I can use to describe the dog. Mike thinks the cone will solve my issue (getting extremely annoyed at Blitzen because he's constantly licking) and Blitzen's issue (constantly licking which in turn causes the yeast infection on his skin). So far it's working and he hasn't managed to pull it off but Blitzen is not happy about it and I'm dreading when I have to actually put the thing on him because he can get a tad aggressive when you try to make him doing something i.e.: take a bath, get down from the couch, telling him to leave a visitor alone because he loves people and the list goes on.
I know I've mentioned this before, the dog drives me crazy but Mike reminds me so much of the guy in "Marley and Me" so I put up with it because I guess it could be worse!

On a totally different note, Bennett is doing much better with nursing today, so maybe he was tuckered out from yesterdays appointment. Thanks for all the encouraging comments! I will not let the "What Ifs" sneak into my head!!!


  1. If you do let "What Ifs" sneak into your head, let them be the positive ones. :-)
    Give cute Bennett a smile for me.

  2. We've read the book and watched the movie. We were all crying so much that Mattie started crying too. She is very sensitive to things like that.

    So glad Bennett is doing well! What a blessing that he gets to be apart of your family.

  3. Keep up the fabulous work with the breast feeding. He'll come right. You're a great mum for trying so hard for him, and it has so many benefits. If the doctors are happy, hang in there :) Big hugs- you can do it!

  4. I know exactly what you mean with Blitzen...I swear our big dog, Rosie, has Autism. She's auditory sensitive, has socialization issues with other dogs, isn't very good at eye contact etc. I shared this with my supervisor and she said she thinks her horse has Autism so we are both of the mindset it can affect animals as it does people. :)

    I also know what you mean about the nursing. Little Miss was struggling because I wasn't producing nearly enough to make her happy by the time she was a month old. (Only 1.5-2 oz out of one breast and if I'm lucky 1/2 an oz out of the other) I did have 2 boughts of mastitis and they think that contributed but at this point (almost 3 months old) I've had to move to only formula. I understand the stress and feel for you but don't stress too much because more than anything Bennett needs a happy and healthy mommy to keep him happy and healthy, not to mention Ainsley and Harper too!

    I think about you often and I actually have a little something to send your way so if you get a chance shoot me an email on facebook with your address!


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