Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm A Sling Wearing Mama!

First off, I wanted to thank all the people that commented on my last post- it's so nice to know I'm not alone in how I feel and that there are others that have been here before. I think right now I'm going to focus on the positive things like the fact that Bennett is home with us, he is for the most part healthy and happy and although his growth may be slow, at least he is eating! I guess we just need to take it day by day and not focus on the future so much. We really do have so much to be thankful for!!

Now, on to my latest purchase: I was never really into wearing slings when I just had the two girls but while I was pregnant with Bennett I thought it may be a good idea to try one because I was picturing outings with everyone being difficult with the big infant carrier. A nice friend of mine offered hers because her son never liked it and I've yet to try that one- but I will because I ended up purchasing a different one as well and so far Bennett loves it!

It's called the Baby K-tan and I'm sure some of you have this or are very familiar with it. What I like is that the makers of it are parents of a child that has Down syndrome as well as a child with a heart defect. Supposedly, the Baby Bjorn is not the best carrier for kids with DS because it causes their legs to "frog out" and doesn't help with tone. The Baby K-Tan is great though for any baby or child- not just those with DS or heart defects. You can carry the baby in all different positions so it's good for bigger kids too.

Here we are with the Baby K-tan:

So outings are much easier because I can be hands free and Bennett doesn't take up any cart space- more room for stuff! (Mike might not like this!:) And he gets to be close to mommy and snuggled up, plus covered from germs!! Anyways, just thought I'd share, too bad I don't get paid to promote this product!;)

Tuesday we will be going to see the Cardiologist for Bennett's first visit of many. The plan for now is to see the Cardiologist every 3 weeks and he will check to see how Bennett is doing and decide on whether or not he needs medication first before surgery to allow him to put on some weight and hold him off a little, or to proceed with surgery. The doctor we are seeing is wonderful and is well known and highly recommended in the area so we are very comfortable with what he decides. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome of his appointment.


  1. Your son is too cute! My cousin Amber has DS and I can tell you that no one is as wonderful as she is. She is the kindest, sweetest little girl I have ever met.

  2. That is awesome!! I never really wore Andrew either, but a friend of mine mailed me her Hotsling, and that thing was SO helpful! Especially on the presurgery days up at Vanderbilt or at the grocery store!

  3. You guys look absolutely beautiful! I was so happy to meet little Bennett the other day. He is just so precious! You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family and we will continue to keep you in our daily prayers. I hope that things go well at the cardiologist, I look forward to the newest update!

  4. I have never used a sling before....what a neat invention. Looks comfy! hehe

  5. Hello Adrienne! I saw your comment about my friend Debby sending you my way. We were fortunate that Landon only had three tiny holes in his heart, all but one of which have closed, therefore never requiring surgery. However, several friends in my local Ds community have gone through the heart surgery (one being little Maddy Stagner If you are not already, I encourage you to find your local Ds association. Ours here in Richmond, VA have been a tremendous source of information and support. I love the new "family" that I'm a part of. If you ever want to chat about anything, please feel free to email or call or 804-986-6402. There are many questions that come along with the diagnosis. The biggest for me was, what does this mean for Landon? Well, no one could answer that question for me because, just like any other child, it varies. But I love, cherish and adore my sweet little dude down to each and every little extra chromosome. It is been an interesting journey since his birth, some good, some great, some not so fun. But, it's all just part of being a parent, huh?

    I love the little sling you found, I wish I had found one like it when Landon was that itty bitty. It looks very cozy for you both! I look forward to hearing how his cardiologist appointment goes. Have you set up everything with early intervention?

    Take care and know you are not on this less travelled (but beautiful in its own way) road.

  6. Adrienne -

    Fantastic tip on the carrier - I had no idea about the inventors connection to DS...we discovered the Ergo carrier when Charlie was born and loved it, but may give the sling a shot this time around...

    We have been out of town for almost two weeks (leaving the day Bennett was born) and I'm just now catching up on my blog reading. Even though I'm just now reading and seeing the beautiful photos of your precious son, I wanted to let you know that you and your family have never been far from my thoughts and prayers. While I don't have any brillant thoughts to share, just know that whatever you are feeling and experiencing is perfectly fine. (Darn those post-delivery hormones!) The Lord has wrapped His arms around your family and has great plans for each of you. And how wonderful that you have established such a great circle of support and friends. Please don't hesitate to write if you want to ask about this journey a few years ahead...I remember those early and hazy days well...

    Bennett is darling! I can't wait to see more photos of him as he grows...

    Big hugs to you new mama (of three!)


  7. he is such a beautiful little boy

  8. Bennett is so cute & so precious. I'm praying for you everyday & hoping things go well with the cardiologist. HUGS !!!!!! Caroline

  9. I tried a couple of the carriers with my boys, but never had any luck. he is so handsome and sweet. You look terrific, glad to see everything is going fantastic. I will be praying all goes great with the cardiologist.

  10. I'm so glad to hear that you are home and things are going well. Your sling looks very comfortable and Bennett is just adorable. Congratulations!

  11. Adrienne - you look wonderful! Bennett is such a doll. We had a sling for Kira when she was tiny. Derek wore her at Target and I told him it was a good thing he had on a wedding ring - the women were ALL over him. I heard "Now THAT is a real man," like 20 times.

    I'll be praying for y'all about the weight gain and surgery.

  12. Look at that beautiful little face. I sure do miss those tiny baby days my Eian will be 2 in Oct.

  13. I got the same Baby K-tan (same color too) when Ellie was born. I LOVE it! You look great in the photos and Bennett is too adorable.

  14. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely loved your story!

    My sister is the inventor of Baby K'tan (my nephew is the one with DS), and I also work for the compnay.

    I was wondering if I could use your pictures and quote you on the testimonials page of our website?

    Please email me at and let me know.


  15. Hi Adrienne,
    I have a son, George. He is now 13 weeks old and was diagnosed with DS. Your blog has been a huge blessing to me. Can you tell me more about the KTAN carrier. I have a Mei Tai carrier that George loves but I'm afraid it could pose a problem to his hips. We are just starting with hip helpers...his issues have been listed as mild. Thank you for all you do to help other mothers facing the DS diagnosis.


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