Monday, June 15, 2009

Plastic Cups And A Plastic Pool=FUN!

We have yet to go to the real pool this year, in fact I don't even know what it looks like! Several of our friends belong so I sent the check in and I'm assuming it will be a nice pool. In the mean time, we pulled out this old, plastic, leaking pool that we bought for Ainsley when she was 6 months old, pretty pathetic that the girls are crammed in this tiny thing and we haven't used it since Ainsley was a baby but as most kids do, they made the best of it! We gave them a couple of plastic cups and they had a ball! Who needs a real pool when you can play in a tiny tub in the back yard?:) And I'm pretty sure Harper is okay without the water wings! There's nothing more fun than dumping water all over your little sister's head!!

This is her face after I told her that wasn't very nice...

Harper loved it though and dumped water on her own head!

They could have played here all day!

Finally, taking a break ...

So I'm really hoping we can make it to the real pool this week so Ainsley can practice her swimming! We'll see how the week goes, this is our last week with Daddy home during the day, then it's back to reality!:(


  1. Cute! I just love summer and simply water play fun!

  2. FUN :) I love the look on Harper's face after you told her it wasn't nice to dump water on her sister!

  3. Cute pictures! I want to get Gage a little pool, I think he would have so much fun! He just loves water! Your girls are just way too cute! And so is Bennett, even though there aren't any pictures of him in this post! He is just precious

  4. Great pictures!! Cass LOVES her little pool as well!

  5. Love Harper's exprssion on her face. I wish my girls were still little enough to fit in one of those pools, they used to have such fun in them. Hope everything is going well with Mr. B

  6. Great photos! Matthew has the exact same pool, except it's blue. It's the perfect size.

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