Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Finally Made It To The Pool...

...It just took us over an hour to get out of the house! Getting ready to go went something like this:

  • Feed Bennett
  • Change Bennett's Diaper
  • Pump, because Bennett tends to do better with a bottle
  • Allow Ainsley to pick out swim suits and then argue with her about the fact that the suit she picked doesn't really fit her anymore and it is now Harper's.-(she won this battle)
  • Decide which suit best covers the almost 20 pounds I still need to lose-none of them do! (My cover up stayed on the entire time!)
  • Do I need to shave? Oh, forget it!
  • Change Harper's Diaper
  • Apply sun block on the girls and me
  • Change Harper's Diaper, again
  • Change Bennett's Diaper, again
  • Pack pool bag with diapers, wipes, towels, sun block, toys, goggles, Dora and Barbie kick boards (of course!), sun glasses, swimmies, swim vest, snacks
  • Try to get Ainsley to go to the bathroom
  • Take the dogs out
  • Get directions to the pool
  • Pack car with chair, bag, stroller and kids
Whew, we were off, finally! Just trying to get to the pool was exhausting but once we got there it wasn't too bad. I did need to feed Bennett so that was a little tricky trying to feed him and watch mainly Harper at the same time. The swim vest I had her in at first was more dangerous than helpful as it would pull her down into the water more so I took that off and put her in the swimmies. Of course Ainsley cried at first about how cold it was after I sternly told her that she better have fun and not complain after everything I went through to get us there! Here are some pictures from today (sorry, I was using the small camera-not very clear)...

No, those are not all of our toys- we bring 3 small toys and they end up playing with all the other toys that are there instead.See what I mean about the suit? Barely covers her top!
Bennett was easy- he even looks like he may be smiling in his sleep! I have a little fan attached to his car stroller and he seemed very comfortable!

Yes, I broke down and got them popsicles, anything to get Harper sitting in one place so I could rest a little!

So the good thing about this pool is that my friends go there so there is always someone around that can keep an eye on your child while you're tending to another. I seriously don't know how people do it with more than 3 and then when you have 3 that are all moving but can't swim, I don't even want to think about it! I'll deal with that when the time comes I guess. I love being a mom!


  1. Oh you are an AMAZING woman! all of that AND you managed to get pictures - you rock!

  2. I can relate to being able to get out of the house on and being completely exhausted already! Good job mommy! Looks like all had lots of fun!

  3. Wow - good for you!! I can't even imagine taking 3 kids to the pool. It looks like your girls had fun!

    What a great idea to attach a fan to the car seat - I didn't even know they made fans like that!

  4. Little Bennett looks cool as a cucumber :)

  5. Yay!! Good for you!! And to think...I get a bit stressed out going to the pool with 2 little ones...
    : )

  6. Oh my, you are so good! We joined a new pool that is supposed to open next week. I'm so nervous about taking two non-swimmers, but they have a sprayground, etc. so hopefully that's where we'll spend our days. :)

    Isn't it amazing how much you have to do to get out of the house! I used to never be late (was actually always early) and now I am lucky if I make it anywhere on time.

    It's always something! ;) Looks like ya'll had fun!

  7. can you BELIEVE what it takes to get to the pool??? i laughed out loud of the picture with ainsley in the suit that you would like to see harper wearing now!!! :) cute pictures!!!

  8. Too funny! You are super brave! I contemplated taking them to the pool today for about 15 seconds and then nixed the idea to go to Target instead. I love the whole "getting ready went something like this..." It is soooo true!

  9. Wow you did a great job in getting everything around & ready. I know what it's like to take a bunch of kids somewhere alone. Seems like we always manage. Looks like you had fun & again Bennett is so cute. Take care & HUGS :)

  10. Being a mom is the hardest job you'll ever love. Bennett looks adorable in his outfit (John Michael has the same one!) I love the popsicle smiles :-)

  11. Sounds like a fun outing. I totally understand how challenging it can be to get three out of the house. Eek! And I need to get one of those fans for the babies. It's crazy hot up here in Wisconsin!

  12. wow....you did really good! At least you made it and it looks like the girls had a blast!!!

    Maybe next time you can whittle down the time by a few minutes!

  13. I can just imagine. Luckily our girls are older and can help, but it can still be quite hectic. Mattie has the same green striped bathingsuit....and when it comes to our middle child...somethings aren't worth the battle :-)
    Glad you were able to get out and have a nice outing!

  14. Wow - you are a rockstar. I don't think I could take my three to the pool alone....at least not anytime soon. Way to go momma!

  15. WOW, I am tired just reading all that you had to do. How do you do it all?? Kids look like they had a great time and Sam is 10 1/2 MONTHS and my coverup is still on as well. :-)

  16. You are GOOD!! Wow! I don't know many moms that can take 3 kids to the pool and still take photos. I love the summer fan idea (the fan you attached to Bennett's stroller. And oh, we have the same Kiddopotamus thing for the carseat..what's it called? Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day.

  17. He he! I remember those days- it does get easier! So jealous of your weather- freezing here- the shortest day was yesterday :)

  18. Whew! You made my head hurt just thinking about getting ONE ready to go anywhere (let alone the pool, but we may attempt that one today)! But THREE??? I'm sooooo impressed.

  19. You made it with three of them!! Woo hoo! Congrats, now...take the rest of the week off!! (Don't we wish??)

  20. Haven't checked in for awhile---but had to comment how stinkin cute your little man is!!! I am glad things are going well----we have 14 days until our little Jillian arrives, it is a scary time, and try to stay upbeat, and want to say I think you have an amazing outlook, you may not like the diagnosis, and want it to go away, as I do with Jillian, but gives us a different outlook on life, that things don't always go the way we expect them too---but we can embrace what God gives us...and he is precious!

  21. Just found your site -- sounds like you had quite the busy day! Looks like everyone had fun though, and Bennett seems nice and relaxed :) Great photos, looking forward to reading more.


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