Sunday, February 22, 2009

Harper In a "Big Girl" Bed...

Sooo not happening. Yes, today the plan was to paint Bennett's room ( which I did, eventually, a very nice beige/brown- I will post pics when I have the finished product with all his bedding and things) so I thought let's just give Harper a little trial run in her soon to be (hopefully) bed. Bennett is getting Harper's current room and she will have twin beds in her new room where I have the little rails on one of the beds for her. Now, the crib does not convert into a toddler bed and I refuse to buy one when I have two, perfectly nice twin beds that we plan to use for guests when we have them, plus Bennett will get the crib.

Anyways, let me just add that we put Ainsley in a big bed about a month after she turned 2 and Harper is almost 22 months so I realize it's a tad bit earlier but I thought just maybe. Also, when we had Ainsley in a bed she laid there like a mummy and did not get out until I came and got her- such an angel- I know. Well that's not happening with Harper. I laid her down and oh, I wish I took a picture because if you could have seen her little scared face. She did not cry though, she just sat up and kind of crawled around (I had the little video monitor on her-quite amusing to watch) but then she started to try to climb out so I went in there several times to lay her back down and tell her no, she caught on to this as it continued for quite a while.

So when I went down stairs to get my painting supplies I checked on her again and saw her standing on the night stand- yes, on the nightstand, next to the lamp. That was it- Mike got the pack-n-play out. Well folks, it didn't end there, the child can now climb out of the pack-n-play, this is all new because she was in a pack-n-play just a few weeks ago and didn't try to climb out. Plus, like I said Ainsley was a mummy in the bed and although Harper does like to climb on things way more than Ainsley ever did I've never seen her try to climb out of her crib or anything.

So I realize that Harper will just have to stay in the crib for a while and Bennett will probably be in the pack-n-play in our room when he's born. However, we are going out of town this weekend and now that she can successfully climb out of the pack-n-play, which is what she will be sleeping in this weekend, what am I going to do?

I think I'm flipping a little because really, both our girls have always been good nappers and sleepers and are pretty well behaved. But there's something about Harper- she's a little more of a rebel and risk taker compared to Ainsley and I'm just not used to it! I'm thinking ahead to their teen years- Ainsley the obedient one and Harper the hellion! She's really not that bad but I think it's more me- being inflexible and expecting her to act just like her older sister. It was just the first try but it's more of the climbing out of the pack-n-play that bothers me. I can no longer keep her confined, unless she's in the crib and what if she climbs out of that!!?? This is early parenthood people- ya gotta love it. And you'd think with everything that is going on with Bennett, I'd learn not to sweat the small stuff...

She did eventually fall asleep so I was able to paint but seriously- on the night stand? I'm glad I caught her before she jumped off of that!

Here's some old pictures of Ainsley the first night we put her in a big girl bed. She's so grown up now!
So happy to be in a bed!

The mummy with her paci


  1. No wonder Ainsley loved her big girl bed...she has a lovely room!

    Hope things work out with your little daredevil too.

  2. Sigh.

    Andrew will be three one month from tomorrow, and he is still in a crib. He just has no desire to leave and has never tried to get out. I am torn!


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