Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day-Early!

Rarely do I get both girls smiling and kind of looking cute when I try to take pictures, it's usually Miss Harper that does not want to smile but today (with snack in hand) she decided she would cooperate. We're making some little Valentine frames for some family members so I needed to get some shots asap before we mailed them.

Something caught their eye on TV

Harper usually does not like Ainsley too close but this time she's smiling!
Happy girls!

Also, just wanted to thank everyone for all of the encouraging comments we received on Bennett's heart! It is sooo wonderful to know that many are praying for us and that people I don't even know are willing to answer my questions and give advice. Thanks again!!


  1. AHHH your little girls are DARLING!!! Those pictures are priceless

  2. Such adorable pictures...those are going to be some CUTE valentine pics!

  3. Adrienne~
    As you begin this scary and uncertain journey always remember you have many people who have your back. Your family and close friends will be there as well as your friends on BabyCenter. You will find yourself turning to your friends on BabyCenter to find someone who understands your thoughts, feelings, and fears. They will become your sounding board.
    As you have seen Gabriel had AV Canal surgery on Friday. To be honest with you it was 100% less scary than his first weeks of life were for us. We did not know before he was born. Our first weeks of his life we were dealing with his having DS. It seemed like every day they were finding something else wrong with our perfect baby. Knowing some of the issues ahead of time will hopefully allow you to enjoy is coming into the world all the more.
    Honey, if you ever just need to talk or have any questions PLEASE feel free to email me. I will email you my phone number back. It is VERY important to have a strong support group.
    Keep your head up!

  4. By the way you have a lovely family!

  5. I love the photos of the Darling Donovan Daughter Duo! I enjoyed watching them on Friday! I hope to get the chance again soon!

  6. Oh, they are SO cute together! I'm sure they're *always* perfect angels. :)


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