Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inspiring Video, Must See!

Okay, I was over at Days with Dylan and I just had to piggy back off of Laurie's story because I did not see this on the Today show this morning but it's such an inspiring story. I commented on Laurie's blog after reading it about how I at times have been concerned that our little Bennett may never get to be the star athlete that I've dreamed of but I've realized that it's all about what is going to make him happy. Same goes for Ainsley and Harper. Now coming from a former athlete who is still very competitive it is hard not to hope that my kids will be the best on their team, I'll admit it I love winning and when I was swimming I always had the belief to myself that second place was first looser! Awful I know, but that's what pushed me I guess. After watching this video not only is Patrick happy but he's awesome! His teammates are truly happy for him and it's not a pity clap that he gets it's a "put you up the shoulders and carry you around" clap, literally. Patrick is dedicated and he finally gets his chance to shine and like Laurie said it gives parent's and grandparents and anyone that is touched by a person with DS such hope. Thanks again Laurie for posting this today! I know others have as well and I just hope it will reach so many people that may dismiss people with DS as far as succeeding in life goes.

Edited to add: push pause on my music at the bottom to hear the story!


  1. Wow Adrienne, that is an awesome story. You have so many reasons to be hopeful about your precious little boy. I hope your Dr. appt. goes well and the news is good. You will be in my thoughts.


  2. Hey Again Adrienne~

    When David and I first had Beany, we had the same fears that our lil boy wasn't going to be all that we imagined. There were the same fears that he wouldn't get married or have a family or graduate from university, on and on our fears, or at least MY fears, went. When we spoke to the Geneticist, (who honestly wasn't reallllly all that UP on raising kids with DS, he seemed more like a chemistry nerd who knew FACTS about DS and nothing about kids at all) he explained to us that there are somethings about our child that will be different. That he might not do some of the things that we as parents would expect or want or hope to see him do. He was honestly very nice about things and explained to us that we were not at fault and how the genes were aligned and all that jazz. I had time to think about what he said, how our boy might not do some things, and I realized, it wouldn't matter if Hunter Bean had DS or not. The same could be said for ANY child. A geneticist could sit every parent down and say, "Now, it's not your fault, but your son might not graduate from high school." or "Your daughter might not have children." "Your son might have a learning disorder that may cause problems with his ability to read and comprehend numbers."
    This is a basic fact of life. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that the Geneticist took the time to sit down with us and explain things, but children are children. I never finished high school, and curse me for saying so, but I don't think my eldest brother will ever get married. But no one sat my momma down to tell her that her kids might not be Super Children. LOL Maybe it's something they should start doing with typical kids too. :D

    Your children might not be perfect! But it's perfectly alright to love them anyway!

    Ps Where did you get the fab signature!


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