Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Weeks!

So here I am at 25 weeks with my torpedo belly. A friend of mine posted her pic on facebook and she is a week behind me and I told her I would post one of me to show her the difference in how we carry. We have similar builds so I just think it's funny that we look completely different when we are pregnant. My stomach will only get more torpedo like and stick out like a shelf- it's very odd. People always say you carry differently with girls than with boys but that's not the case for me. This is how I looked with my other two at the same time and we know this one is a boy for sure. So I figure I'll update a new pic every 5 weeks- that's only 2 more times- the weeks are flying by!

Now an update with Bennett- looks like we will be making a trip to Philadelphia this Tuesday to meet with a Cardiologist at CHOP to get a second opinion on his heart defect. This was recommended by the Cardiologist that we saw last week. So since Mike gets Monday off we will have a 4 day weekend with each other! Plus it will give us a chance to see CHOP and get familiar with it since Bennett will be having his heart surgery there. I don't expect this doctor to find anything different although it would be great if he saw something else that didn't require surgery but the one we saw last week was a really good doctor so I'm thinking the diagnosis will be the same. We will keep you posted on that.

Hope everyone has a nice Valentines Day tomorrow!


  1. CHOP's a good hospital! :)

    Adventures of a Funky Heart! blog:

  2. Have a safe trip! Hope everything goes well.

  3. You look fantastic!!

    I hope you have a nice time at CHOP. The time we spent at Vanderbilt for Benjamin's surgery was such precious time for the three of us and we think of it with bittersweet thoughts. :)

  4. Could you be any cuter?!?!?!? Makes me want to get pregnant again! Darn cute you are!

  5. Safe travels to CHOP! I hope your appointment goes well.

  6. adorable belly! Good luck at CHOP!

  7. You look beautiful! How did I miss this post? Hope you are feeling well!


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