Monday, November 2, 2009

First "Real" Haircut and My Roller!

Ha! I bet you thought it was Bennett's first haircut-nope, already taken care of that myself-just a little snip,snip here and there {don't worry, I saved it}. It's the girls that needed their hair cut and this time it was done by a professional, not mommy! I've been cutting Ainsley's hair into this little wedge cut for the last 2 years that was really cute but I'm kinda over it for her so I just needed someone to add layers.
First up was Harper:
She did really good, she sat somewhat still and watched Pinocchio.

Not much change here, she's still got that baby fine hair, hard to tell what her hair is going to be like.

Ainsley did good too, she was used to me cutting it all the time!

So while I'm trying to grow it out, it is a little shorter but it needed to be trimmed and layered so now we can start fresh and really let it grow.

This was her idea of "fixing it" after we got home-lol.

This girl has got some curls!
So Bennett decided he was feeling a little better and thought it was time to roll from his back to his belly today! He's been working on this for a while now but would always get stuck on the bottom arm...until today-take a look! (Excuse the shriek and the raspy voice-still recovering from this flu thing)

So proud of him!


  1. Their haircuts look adorable! I can't believe the curls in Ainsley's hair...its beautiful! And little Bennett is doing so good - rolling over like a big boy - time is flying, don't you think? And I love the bow in Harper's hair!

  2. Great job Bennett!! Hope you guys are starting to mend.

  3. Yay Bennett - way to go and not even let the swine flu get you down!

  4. That is soo awesome! I can't believe how well he holds up his head too!

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog. Way to go Bennett!

  6. Awh! Yay for Bennett!!
    Love it!

    & I love Ainsley's curls!
    Wish I had some of my own.
    Then I wouldn't have to straighten my hair all the time.

  7. I LOVE Ainsley's hair - she has amazing curls! Way to go Bennett - he is doing so great!

    Your voice does sound awful ... I'm glad you are starting to feel better!

  8. Aww yay! Ainsley & Harper's haircuts look great! :) I can't believe you were cutting her hair. It always looks so cute! She does have some major curls. I think Lily is going to lose hers like I did, but who knows! I guess I'll keep it long now and when it goes straight, I'll get it cut into a bob like mine! ;) Bennett is growing so fast! I cannot believe he is rolling over. He looked so proud of himself! :)

  9. i love reading about your family! your kids are all precious! and their new dos look nice too!

  10. Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE!! Way to go Bennett!

  11. She has the most amazing hair!! I would love to have those curls!! And way to go Bennett!!

  12. Love those curls, but I bet she will be like everyone else who is blessed with hair like that and straighten it when she's older.They both look beautiful. And Bennett is rockin and rollin!!Good job kiddo!!

  13. Hi Adrienne. I 'm wondering if your son ever had seizures. My son is in the picu with possible seizures and I remember reading about someone who's baby also had them ( and Ds). If you have any info it would be appreciated, along with prayers! Thanks, Christina Schye

  14. Love her hair! Yay, Bennett. Great job rolling over and making sounds. I had to laugh when I heard your voice b/c that's how I sounded for 3 weeks after the piggy flu, too.


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