Monday, November 30, 2009

A Polka Dot Christmas!

Okay, I must admit that I have a slight obsession with....

Not sure what it is but as I look around my house I see them everywhere (done tastefully though-IMO;))
Here's just a few examples...

This doesn't include hair bows for the girls, clothes (except for Mike's-that would be bad;0), socks, purses, the girls shoes, blankets, sheets, jackets, play table that I painted polka dots on, and the list goes on!

So it was time for some new ornaments (balls to be specific) for the tree. When I walked into Hobby Lobby I had in my mind polka dot ornaments. Seriously, what is it with me and polka dots?! Well since Hobby Lobby has virtually everything under the sun, I quickly spotted them and about jumped for joy! And they were 50% off!

Now just slap some monograms on them and maybe a cute little polka dot bow and I'm in heaven! (I think I may try to make some myself!)

Then I saw polka dot wrapping paper and guessed it, I had to get it (also marked 50% off)!

I loved the houndstooth and diamond pattern too! Of course I will have separate "Santa" paper for the girls-Ainsley's catching on to things like that now.

I also just ordered Bennett his stocking to match our decorative stockings (we have our family made stockings that Santa puts his gifts in located in one place and then in another we have Adrienne's funky stockings because well, I don't know why-don't ask) and of course people, they have polka dots on them!! Well, mine, Mike's and Bennett's do (the girls have stripes on theirs).

While we were decorating the tree Mike says: "Adrienne, you went a little crazy with the polka dot ornaments, seriously." LOL

Oh, I'm annoying myself at this point but I just can't get enough of polka dots!!

Does anyone else love them like I do??


  1. I DO love them, I just never thought of as many tasteful (grown up!) ways to use them as you have!

  2. You DO make them look so stylish. Love the new polka-dot ornaments!

  3. I love them too and everything looks great !!!!

  4. Um HELLO ... POLKADOT platypus! I named my friggin business POLKADOT! LOL. Oh, and you forgot to take a screen shot of your polkadot blog! Haha!

  5. um yeah I love polkadots too, as long as it is tasteful, like you said. THey are so fun to accent things with. Bows, stockings, socks etc....I know the routine with 3 girls. Ragan has a pink and brown polkadot comforter I would steal if I could

  6. Love the polka dots! And I'm a sucker for stripes, too. Thank goodness I finally had a girl so I could addorn her in polka dots. I don't need all the cute little bunnies and butterflies. Just give me polka dots and I'm a happy camper.

  7. I'm not obsessed with polka dots, but I DO like them. lol Love your stockings and the ball ornaments are really cute!
    Just curious, was the pumpkin painted to look like Charlie Brown's ghost costume? If so, that's hilarious because I painted one like that a few years ago. =)

  8. You are too funny!!!! BUT I love the ornaments!!!


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