Saturday, November 28, 2009

Real, Fake and Candy trees!

We're a real family gone fake. I'm talking Christmas trees here. I have fond memories of real trees growing up. I always wanted the biggest tree on the lot and my dad usually let me get the one I wanted-as long as it wasn't too outrageously priced.

So Mike and I always bought real trees together, all through college and then up until the year Ainsley was born, that was the year I'd had enough...

You see we had already purchased our real tree but the bottom of it still had to be cut down some to fit into the base a little bit better, something Mike said he would do. Well I was becoming impatient to start decorating (surprise, surprise) and it was just standing there waiting to be decorated. I thought it fit just fine in the base even though Mike said that it didn't but I already had my mind set. Mike had to work late that night so I decided to just go ahead with it (I know, I'm bad) Well everything was going fine, I had the lights on and most of the balls on when the tree started to lean. Did I mention I was 32 weeks pregnant at the time?? So I thought okay, I'll just stick my hand on the trunk to straighten it out a little, well then it really started to fall. If I let the tree fall, all the balls would come crashing to the floor (hard wood) and it would be a complete mess not to mention glass all over the place. So I got up under the sap filled tree and held it....with my gigantic pregnant falling all over me...for close to an hour!!!! Just picture it folks.
Mike finally got home: " Adrienne, Adrienne-where are you?" and there I was under the tree, trying my hardest to keep it from crashing to the floor. All Mike could do was laugh and of course he helped me but I was not laughing, nooo, not at all. I told him it would be the last year we had a real tree. Yes I can laugh about it now-it's just typical Adrienne, I'm stubborn and once I have my mind set on something no matter how stupid it may be, I'm going to do it if I think it can be done. Ahhh, I don't think I'll ever learn from my mistakes either, I'm just too stubborn.

So from then on it's been our trusty fake with lights and all, we just pull it out from the basement whenever we want and plug the baby in. I know it's not as fun as going to pick out your own tree and you don't get that Christmas tree smell but that's where this comes in handy:

Smells just like a Christmas tree if not better!

Speaking of trees, how do you like these "sweet" trees the girls and I made?:

I have to say they look much better in person!

I saw this on HGTV last year but it was too late to make them so I decided this year I'd give it a try. I forgot how they said to make them so I went onto some sites and the instructions said to use powdered sugar and water to get the candies to stick. Um....that didn't work. Candies were quickly sliding down the cone into one. big. pile. So unless I'm missing a huge step here I just don't know where I went wrong. Before totally throwing everything away and giving up I thought I'd give my old glue gun a try and wouldn't you know it worked like a charm! Why I didn't think of it in the first place is beyond me. I love that glue gun!

Of course with the glue gun the girls couldn't help me stick the candies on the cones but they had just as much fun handing me the candies and watching the cones turn into colorful Christmas trees. And of course you can't eat them but I don't think the candies are meant to be eaten any way are they?? I figure if I just put these in a big zip lock bag I can reuse these next year-candy doesn't go bad, right? The girls really did like this little project and seeing the trees in the house just reminds you of being a kid again.

So...are you a real tree family or a fake tree family?


  1. We did real trees until I bought this house nine years ago. The tree dried out and we ended up decorating another, before we realized the base of the stand was busted. It almost ruined the carpet with all the sap and water. Then my mom bought me a fake and after decorating the third tree that year, I never went back to real. =)
    Don't try to keep the candy trees--- SOMETHING will find them and it won't be pretty! lol

  2. That story s too funny! What I wouldn't do to see a picture or a video of that, that would be hysterical!!
    I can understand why you've given up on the real trees.
    We do get areal one... for now!

  3. Thank you for the smile this morning (although, I am smiling and laughing WITH you...not at you). That was a cute story and I could totally picture the scene! I'm just like you...stubborn. I was hanging up the Chrismas lights out front on our townhouse 5 months pregnant balancing on a stool. My sister was there but both her and my husband were mad at me for my stubborness....Sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself...otherwise it will NEVER get done!

    Hope you have a great holiday season!

  4. We go hiking in the mountains each year to get our huge, Charlie Brown trees. The permits are only $5 from the Forest Service, but they are classic, fit our family's personality, and create an annual tradition to beat all traditions. :)

  5. I loved your story - made me laugh! We used to get a real tree too. After a few years I got really tired of cleaning all of the needles up off the floor. So, we opted for a fake pre-lit tree. I LOVE it! It's so easy!

    I love your candy trees - what a great idea! I might have to try that myself!

  6. Like you, for many years of our married life we always purchased a real tree. We went the day after Thanksgiving to pick one, I have many fond memories (& many similar to your experience but not as dramatic). Asking the question you brought back more memories than can fit in this comment box, so you've inspired my next blog post!

    Now we too have an artificial tree (part convenience, partly $) and like you I light a candle to get the "real tree" scent.

    Love the candy trees, beautiful memories you've made.

  7. We're fake. I grew up real but we've gone to the dark side. Ever since we had a house fire (NOT related to a Christmas tree) I'm too paranoid for a real tree. Might have to try that candle...

  8. Great story - we inherited a beautiful fake tree when my mother-in-law passed away the first year we were married. The lights went out this year less than 24 hrs after I finished putting it up! I love real trees, but hate the mess.

  9. Okay, that story just brought out a great laugh and the biggest smile! There are some years we don't even get a sad is that? BUT if we are going to be in town (ch we usually aren't and that's why) we get a real one and support either the boy scouts or the church!

    Hey, did you think of trying cake icing to keep the candy on? It hardens as it sits out so the candies stay on and then you can eat them! We do a much smaller version with ice cream cones, icing and candies at school every year. Try vanilla icing and dying it green...then it really looks like a tree!

  10. Oh my! You sound just like me!!!!!! Reading your post made me think we must live in parallel universes. One year our real tree dried out and my husband was out of town. The best thing to do is cut the trunk again. I decided I could take the tree down myself and cut a fresh end on the trunk and put the tree back up........easier said than done. Those sap laden trees ARE heavy and the living room wall and carpet had scars to prove it. In the end I suceeded, a little worse for wear. We have done a fake tree for the last ten years. I got tired of keeping the trees watered and keeping the cats out of the water.


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