Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOO!!! to the Flu...

Yes, hopefully we have scared off the flu from returning to our house this year. It may have temporarily dampened our spirits due to some plans we had to cancel and it may have temporarily made mommy go insane while dealing with doctors, lost swabs and her own crazy fears but all in all we had a great Halloween!

But before Halloween night we had Ainsley's school parade on Friday (before we knew Bennett was sick)...

Here's Miss Fancy Nancy (for those of you not familiar with Fancy Nancy, she is a character from books and is just a little girl that loves to dress up real fancy and have tea parties basically).

The costume.

I had to show the shoes because she was not able to wear these due to the rain we got on Halloween night.

A not so thrilled Fancy Nancy. She's wearing just the tiniest bit of makeup and she's got the attitude to go with it-ha!

A much happier Fancy Nancy on Halloween night.

And a crazy little cat.

I decided I'd surprise the girls and dress up a little myself so when they woke up from their naps they were greeted with cat mommy! They loved it! And Bennett was my little lion this year:)

All the kiddos...Bennett was not too happy with this. The costume lasted for about 2 minutes, just enough to get pictures. I know the poor little guy was probably hot and uncomfortable:(

Time to head out!

Mike took the girls this year which we never do- we both like to take them but obviously I was not going to drag Bennett out. And we really wished we could've gone to our friends house for a little joint trick or treating but maybe next year.

"Trick or Treat!"

All showered up and checking for razor blades in the candy-lol
Just kidding, I didn't tell them that's what we were doing!
{do you remember all those stories when you were little about crazy things in the candy?}

One more thing- I have a very short clip from the parade for all you baseball fans-apparently the World Series is a pretty big deal around here-don't know why that would be???;)

May the best team win!


  1. Glad you were able to salvage your Halloween! Tamiflu is great! Glad Bennett did well with it!You all look super in your photos.
    BTW, I was a complete nut when we were going through the flu too. How can you not be.

  2. ADORABLE costumes!!! Love Fancy Nancy! And the video clip was too cute! And yes...may the best team win! (GO PHILLIES!)

  3. Great costumes. Max & Daddy only sported costumes for a quick picture. We had grandma come sit at the house with Max while we took Piper trick or treating. And then we came home, she decided it was more fun to pass out the candy - who knew!

  4. Great pictures and glad everyone is doing good. Been praying hard.
    Happy Halloween to all & Happy Halloween 1st Bennett.

  5. Happy Halloween to you guys, I am glad you didn't let the flu ruin your celebration. You'r children are adorable, and Bennet really looks alot like Harper,honestly the picture of you and him I thought it was her at first.You guys are very blessed with such a beautiful family


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