Monday, October 26, 2009

The Ghost of Halloween Past...

Not sure if the title makes since but we'll go with it. Thought I'd share costumes of our past! Won't you join me?

1996-Our first Halloween! "Fairy Princess and 70's Guy"...YIKES!

1997-"Ed Grimley and Black Widow Spider". This was perhaps my worst costume EVER. Last minute thing, literally the day of Halloween I did not know what to be so someone suggested pinning black pantyhose, stuffed with socks to my back (the legs) and wearing all black with the signature mark of the black widow....good idea in theory. You can't see Mike's entire costume but he really did look good.

1998-"Candy Corn and Bum". I had to make a come back from the previous year! My mom made this candy corn outfit (I love candy corn and thought why not be my absolute favorite candy for Halloween!)

1999-"Crayons!" (I'm the red crayon on the far left) senior year at ECU! This costume was a hit-to see all the crayons walking around-pretty cool I must say;)

Okay, we take a big break here because I have no pictures of Halloween from 2000-2003-sorry, I know you're disappointed.

2004-No kids yet but Ainsley was on the way. First appearance of one of the dog pumpkins- isn't Sophie so cute?!

2005- Ainsley's first Halloween- "The Strawberry"

2006-"Minnie Mouse"

2007-"Cinderella and Strawberry...again"...and the dog pumpkins:)

~Sigh~ I miss our old porch. I love decorating for Fall and Christmas and I just can't do it like I like to in our current house:(

Still 2007- Mike and I started dressing up again..."Fred and Wilma Flintstone"

We won a costume contest for the "Fred and Wilma" !

2008- "Sleeping Beauty and Minnie Mouse...again" and the dog pumpkins of course.

Okay, I can joke about this now- how strange is it that I was 10 weeks pregnant with Bennett in this picture (had no idea he had Down syndrome) and I was dressed up like Sarah Palin with her baby, Trig (who has Down syndrome)?? Now I was not in any way making fun of Sarah Palin and her son, in fact I didn't think twice about him having DS I just thought it was a funny costume (you can't see it very well but I also had a toy rifle on my back:)). Mike on the other hand didn't make the best John McCain. Kind of hard to make almost jet black hair completely white...should have gotten a wig.

Stay tuned for this year's pics!

Do you have Halloween pictures from the past?? Share them if you do!


  1. Love the pictures!! I know what you mean about missing a front porch. In Texas we had a huge porch with railing and I loved to decorate it. Here in Florida, no porch....:(

  2. Love all the crayons. It's like pulling teeth to get my husband to dress up.

    Catching up on posts - we had a crazy week...
    Love your putting a blanket under Bennett's toes in the exersaucer! I'm going to have to try that one.

  3. Your pictures are great!! I love the Fred and Wilma Flinstone costumes - you both look great! You are so creative!

  4. so fun. I love that you reused costumes and I think the crayons win it for me.

  5. Great post and thanks for sharing all the pics. You definitely win a creativity award for costumes!

  6. Wow that's awesome that you have all of those pictures of you and Mike. I love the Flinstones one. Yah your porch looked great there at that house. ps. I haven't been on here for while only because sometimes when I get on your blog it boots me out (ya it didn't happen today).

    Thanks for sharing. I am jealous. Julian and I have not photo dressed up together. Well we have only been together 3 years...but still we slacked. You guys look great.

  7. Hi. Beautiful photos. It's great that you have them and you can remember those nice times. Unfortunately, I tried to find some old photos of our family from Halloween but I've not found anything. They were in special album and probably someone has borrowed it.

    Good luck,

  8. LOVE THIS POST!!! The Sarah Palin thing is quite funny...remember, there are no coincidences!! I think I am going to copy this post. I don't really have many of me dressed up (maybe only one but I have one of my kiddos from every single year. Stay tuned for a copy cat post. But first I have to do some serious scanning!!

  9. How fun you all dress up every year! I wish we did. My little girl is going to be Minnie Mouse this year, but the costume is not nearly as good...just something I threw together since she is so young. Happy Halloween!


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