Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bennett Has The Flu~Prayers Please!

Type A Influenza. And we all know what that is. Which pretty much means my whole family had H1N1 and we didn't even know it. How can that be? First off I'm asking you to please pray that Bennett recovers just as we have so far, with no complications. I just gave him his first dose of Tamiflu and he is sleeping peacefully.

These were my family's symptoms: (remember-we never got proof of Ainsley testing positive because the swab was "lost" or not good enough, so we don't know for sure that she had it but since we all got what she had and now Bennett tested positive, it's pretty much a given)

Ainsley: (her symptoms were not bad at all)
  • woke up coughing-went back to bed
  • woke up later with a low fever (however-and this was my down fall-I used an ear thermometer and her temp was never above 101 but I think ear temps can be off a little so hers could have been higher)
  • woke up saying her tummy hurt but never said it again
  • Next day fever was gone but would return to a low (ear reading though) temp around 100 throughout the day.
  • still coughing some sneezing
  • decreased appetite some
  • also tested positive for strep throat and treated for that
Harper: (she was much worse)
  • Temp got up to 102 once (ear again though-I am so mad at myself for thinking they were fine because they had lower temps!!)
  • watery eyes
  • cough
  • sneezing
  • didn't eat as much but still drank a lot and ate some
  • fever lasted on and off for 4 days but ear temp consistently said 99 so I thought it was a very low fever.
  • She was treated for strep as well.


  • Same as Harper but I had chills and then I would be sweaty but every time I checked my temp (ear) it was 97-98. So I thought I didn't have a fever.
  • I do have asthma and I have started to wheeze some which I do when I have a cough like this.


  • Same as Harper and I

None of us were on Tamiflu because we didn't know we had it. Everyone is on the mend -no fevers for a few days but now my sweet Bennett has it and I just can't believe it. His symptoms started late yesterday when I noticed a little congestion and then today it was all of the sudden a fever of 100 (rectally) and the congestion was worse. So I took him in and I was able to see the doctor I liked. Turns out that my insurance allows for a lab to come directly to the office to pick up the swab and test it and will have results within hours. The doctor I saw today had no idea what happened last week. She called me at 12:30 am to tell me that Bennett tested positive and that she had just received the call. I was very thankful for her to do that. She said she will be calling to check on him daily and wants to know how his breathing sounds. She sounded exhausted. They are getting slammed with swine flu.

So learn a lesson from me. The symptoms don't have to be that bad for it to be swine. I'm just so glad I took Bennett in at the first sign of a fever and we got the results back quick this time. And I'm so thankful that Ainsley and the rest of us dealt with it okay. I'm hoping my asthma is not an issue.

I have no idea what Halloween is going to be like now. I'm just praying the girls can have their fun now that they are feeling better and Bennett will continue to eat and get the rest he needs.

Sorry if this post is all scrambled, I just wanted to get it out there and ask for your prayers. Thank you!


  1. Oh no - I hate hearing/reading news like this. Max had watery eyes, a little congestion and runny nose yesterday & I kind of freaked out. I was ready to take him in this morning, but he slept ok (maybe thanks to him still being on oxygen at night) and seemed better today - just a little congestion. I haven't taken his temperature though. Now I'm worrying again!
    Praying that Bennett gets better soon without complications!!

  2. Oh no! I'll be thinking of you guys, and hoping for a swift recovery. I've been told that at least here, they're not even testing for H1N1 anymore since the test is fairly unreliable and expensive, and since it's too early in the season to be seeing much seasonal flu yet. The assumption is that it's H1N1. Good luck, and hugs to Bennett.

  3. OH, do I know what you are going through. Andrew tested positive to Influenza A, but he was the third kid to get sick, he wasn't tested until Tuesday night at the ER. My soon to be EX PED, flat out refused to test Emmie when I took her in on Monday with flu like symptoms, and with me also explaining that I had Olivia home with flu like symptoms.He is so gone!When I took all 3 in for a re-check on Thursday and questioned him as to why he didn't check the baby on Monday, his reply was "I can't check every runny nose for the flu, we would be out of tests in a week". See why he's gone! The important thing is you got the Tamiflu, I don't know about you but in RI, it's liquid gold. And almost impossible to get a doctor to give it to you. I got a long venting post coming about it soon.
    Absolutely! have your whole family in our prayers! I swear that's why Andrew and the others recovered.It is scary, Andrew's fever spiked to 104, and he was having trouble breathing. Watch yourself with your Asthma, don't take any chances. Also the recovery is a little longer with the H1N1, they are saying at least two days fever free until you are considered good to go.
    Praying for you all! Keep us posted please, especially little Bennett.

  4. Praying he gets better quickly!

  5. I am so sorry to hear that you are all sick. I am glad that you had a better experience with your doctor. I will be praying for Bennett's quick recovery. -Andrea

  6. Adrienne,
    Many, many thoughts and prayers for Bennett to pull through this flu quickly and return to his healthy self. I hope the rest of your family continues to feel better too!

  7. I hate to hear all of this, so glad your girls are getting better and praying for you little man. I thought you had to get very sick from the swine flu...lesson learned here. thanks

    You all will remain in my prayers.

  8. Praying for Benett's quick recovery. Glad the rest of you are recovering.

  9. Feel better little Benett, we'll be thinking of you and praying for you!

  10. Hey Adrienne,

    I remember when JEB had Type A Influenza when he was 18 mo. old. We lived in Colorado and were 6500 Ft. above sea level which made his congestion and oxygen levels sooooo much worse. He ended up in the hospital though due to that.

    I'm sure Bennett will do just fine. Will be praying for a quick recovery. At least it wasn't swine like the girls. BUT also remember that Down Syndrome kids can have a higher chance of having more sinus infections and such. JEB had so many his second year, we were at the dr's office every two-three weeks!

    Keep us up to date.....hope you have a great weekend anyway!

  11. Glad ya'll are feeling better. I'll definitely will be praying for Bennett.

  12. Poor little man. Thinking of you. It's scary to even think of Gabe getting sick.

  13. ack, I am reading this post late..praying for you guys...


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