Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hobby Lobby Love...

Run, don't walk to your nearest Hobby Lobby!! If you don't have one near you just pray that it comes to your town some day soon;) It's my new obsession, easily rivaling the gold standard- Target. Still love Target because you can get everything there but Hobby Lobby takes the cake when it comes to decorating, crafting and sewing (okay so I don't sew but I may try in the near future).

So here are just some of the fun things I've purchased at Hob Lob or shall we just shorten it even more and call it HL since everyone abbreviates things these days??

Why I have the need to tell myself that this is the laundry area I have no idea but it makes me feel organized some how and it dresses up a rather boring and not so fun space.

I could have gone crazy in the hanging walk art department and yes, I know these walls are screaming "paint me!", they are the only ones in the entire house I have not put my paint brush to because they are just too tall so I think I'll have to bring in a professional...maybe some day. Until then, these stars at least break up the enormous height of the walls~somewhat.

They have a huge selection of pink and brown things and these are Harper's colors and again I could have gone crazy but decided on just a couple of things for now...

This little "Sweet Dreams" sign matched her decor perfectly!

Here's another item
for when Harper actually sleeps in her room {very reluctant to let her try to sleep in a big girl bed in fear that she won't nap anymore!}

They have the cutest knob selection at HL!

My dreaded pantry and laundry "room" doors that I really wish we didn't have, needed a tiny update so out with the brass knobs and in with the fun and cute knobs!
{I say dreaded because these doors are like a magnet for little fingers to get smashed in!}

Lots of cute Halloween decor!

So I have not ventured into the Christmas section~yet~ but from just passing by (mind you I've usually got Harper fussing the whole way through unless I bribe her with a lollipop) all I can say is "WOW!"

Just a little background on why I am so excited about Hobby Lobby- When we lived down south my friend from Tennessee would always talk about HL and how great it was but of course we did not have one in the town I lived in. Then we moved up here and she would continue to go on and on (over the phone) about HL and what she bought at HL. And then I started following several decorating blogs and they would go on and on about HL so I got on line to see if there were any in the area~not one in the entire state! However, I did notice there was now one near where we moved from-isn't that always how it is?? So several months later I was driving around one day and saw the glorious sign "Hobby Lobby coming soon!" I couldn't believe it! The only one in the state and it comes to my little town!! So I was there on opening day and just had to leave a message on my friend's phone to tell her I could now join in on all the Hobby Lobby Love:)


  1. LOL--I'm not even a decorator, nor am I crafty AT ALL, and HL can still suck me in. I bought lots of cute autumn decorations that I'll leave up until I put up my Christmas decorations. I'm sure you already knew that you can almost always go to their website and get a 40% off coupon? It's only good on one regularly-priced item, but it helps when the thing you just have to have never goes on sale. :)

  2. I shouldn't have read this post ... I am so envious!! I wish we had HL here in Canada but no luck. Maybe one day they will come here. We are getting more and more stores from the US so here's hoping!

    You got some amazing things there and I just love how you decorate!

  3. I love HL!!! I could so get lost in there and spend many, many, many dollars!!! All the ideas and frames and decor!!! Love it! And....they are a Christian organization and you gotta love supporting a cause like that!!!

  4. It was great running into you at Target...maybe next time we will see each other in HL...I have yet to visit but after seeing your post I am going to have to go!! - Andrea

  5. All that stuff looks so great ! I never heard of HL. If it ever comes this way I will most likely become a fan!

  6. I have not heard of HL but we do have a hobby craft? I totally love the priness sleeps here .. it is great :)

  7. ooooooo - I am having HL withdrawal! First our Target left town, then HL left!!!! Ironically they were both in the same storefront. :( I don't want to think of what I am missing! LOL! :)

    Steph and Christopher


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