Friday, July 17, 2009

An Update On Our Appointment At CHOP

Our appointment for Bennett's echo in Philly is scheduled for next Wednesday morning. After talking with the Nurse Practitioner that schedules the surgeries and voicing our concerns about a sedated echo she explained that Bennett will need a sedated echo at some point before his surgery. Doing a sedated echo gives them the clearest picture before going into open heart surgery and they want to see exactly what they are dealing with.

Of course we do want them to have as much knowledge as possible before proceeding with the surgery so we agreed to do the sedated echo. Mike will be out of town but thankfully my parents are going to drive up and my dad will drive with me down to Philly while my mom watches the girls. I honestly don't know how I would get everyone to CHOP by 8:30 Wednesday morning without help so this is a huge relief.

If you will, please pray that everything goes well during the echo and that the doctors can get a clear picture of exactly what they need and how they need to proceed.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. They are fantastic at CHOP and he will be in very good hands! I will pray that God will give his doctors and nurses wisdom and will guide every move they make. Hang in there! I know how hard it is to hand off your little one for procedures! May God give you peace.

  2. I will be praying for you & Bennett on Wednesday. Warning...traffic in Philly can be brutal, so leave with plenty of time. I don't know where you guys will be staying, but if your mom is looking for something to do with the girls I'd be glad to give you some places- playgrounds and such for them to spend time! Feel free to e-mail me! giselaelizabeth1 AT aol DOT com

  3. Praying for you! Hey guess what? I live in New Jersey..... about 25 minutes from CHOP. That is where we had all of my daughter's testing. You are in good hands.

    Love & Blessings,

  4. I'm sure things will go very well. And that the doctors will be able to gather all the information that they need. We will of course be praying.

    Carly has never been sedated for an echo. She has had literally hundreds of echos. When she was little (infant/toddler) we would take her paci in and she would just lay there and suck away. As she got older, they would put a movie on the DVD player that the tech had in the room and that did the trick. She is 7yrs old now. Highly unusual that she never had to be sedated, but very much true. I was told, by a tech., several times actually, the reason they like to sedate kids with Ds, is because they seem to "flail around too much". Those are their words, not mine. Carly surprised all because she never did any of that.

    Hang in there. I know exactly how anxious you are feeling.

  5. I will be praying for you on Wednesday morning! I can't imagine how hard it will be to hand your baby over to the doctors. I will pray for peace for you, wisdom for the doctors and health and strength for little Bennett!

  6. Best wishes for Wednesday morning! What a wonderful thing to have such great help. So just our experience with the echo before surgery... we were also told it would be sedated. We got there and the placed an IV for him to be sedated (they chose that instead of him breathing it in, I'm not sure what they will do with Bennett). So once we got into the echo room, Gage zonked out since he hadn't had his nap yet. So they held off with the sedating and got all they could while he napped. Then had to tilt his body in some weird positions in order to get the shots, so this ended up waking him up. But I was able to make a big joke of myself to keep him entertained and he stayed still enough the entire time so the didn't even have to put any of the meds into him! So I guess my point is, if they would allow you to "see what happens" before they sedate him, then sleep deprive him :) ha that sounds so terrible, so maybe I should just say, see if you can make it be nap time when they are going to do it. I really am not all that worried about having Gage sedated, I know some people have really strong views that it can cause problems and I totally respect that, but I haven't ever worried about it much. I guess the main thing that was nice about it was that we got to leave earlier since we didnt have to wait for him to come out of it, ya know? Good luck with everything, it is going to go perfectly I'm sure!!

  7. Praying for you all so much. Have a safe trip & HUGS :) I love your new designs on your blog looks great !!!!

  8. Hi! Our 3 month old little guy just had a sedated echo last month. They gave him an oral sedative and everything went along just fine. We sat by him the whole time. He did need oxygen afterwards, but after talking with several other moms who have gone through this, 90% of them said that was totally normal. Good luck! Our cardiologist wanted Max a bit bigger before surgery, so we haven't scheduled it yet. So glad I found your blog and can follow along with your journey. :)

  9. FYI - Max was not on oxygen before the sedated echo... and actually his stats came back up within 24 hrs of the sedation. But the cardiologist wanted to keep him on the oxygen anyway, due to his pulminary hypertension.

  10. Thinking about you and praying for you on Wednesday! I'm sure it will go great! So glad your parents are able to come and help. What a blessing!

    Take care!

    P.S. Love the new layout! :)

  11. Firstly I love your website. It's so pretty. My son had heart surgery for avsd in May. I had a hard time getting his sedated echo done, but once we did it was great. It went very smoothly and it didn't bother him at all. At first I didn't want it, but by the end I realized they needed as much detail as possible.

    Praying that everything goes well.


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